Lodge’s farewell party on Saturday night, 2/24/18. (Photos: Nick McManus)

Williamsburg brunch spot Lodge closed Monday night after over 14 years in the heart of the neighborhood. Co-owned by Dan Cipriani, who also runs nearby Urban Rustic and Bushwick’s Seawolf, Lodge could “no longer compete with the astronomical rent in Williamsburg,” it said on its Instagram. “We’ve been pushed out.”

Lodge managers (from left to right) Bella Cipriani, Nicole Hampton and Travis Martin on the restaurant’s closing night, 2/26/18.

Lodge employed a great many people that came through North Brooklyn during its tenure and the farewell party on Saturday night was crowded. Manager Nicole Hampton spun music as former employees and longtime patrons danced in the barroom. Others huddled around Lodge’s vintage television and its well curated collection of VHS tapes.

Patrons by Lodge’s television during its closing night.

During its final dinner on Monday night, Lodge was inundated with orders for its popular house wings and the last plate of them was served well before the ring of a bell announced the kitchen’s closure at 10pm. After some Coronas in their office, the cooking staff shed their aprons and joined the party where they loudly toasted their manager, Ruben.

Lodge’s staff in their kitchen on their closing night.

Throughout the revelry, random trivia questions were shouted by the bartenders and one winner, local bike messenger Austin Horse, got to choose a piece of art from the walls.

Bike messenger Austin Horse (left) joined by artist Jackson Lin and local B’s Bikes mechanic Ted Shred (first and second from right).

The warm weather on Monday had patrons sitting at the outside tables, where I talked with Bella Cipriani, daughter of co-owner Dan. “I’ve worked here since I was 16 and had a crush on all the bike messenger boys,” she told me. “Lodge was our home and now we’ll have to find a new place to reconnect.”

Bella Cipriani (right) outside Lodge with friend and former employee Cheylene Sharkeye (left).

The bell rang one final time as last call was yelled over Lodge’s small mob scene. Bella took the moment to make her speech. “I want to say thank you,” she began. “I love all of you and you all have been a part of my family. Y’all put the fun in functional.”

Patrons with Lodge’s last plate of chicken wings.