(flyer via Magical Girl Burlesque / Facebook)

Magical Girl Burlesque Presents: The New Review
Thursday, February 22 at Mayday Space, 8 pm: $5

Out with the old, in with the new, that’s what they say. Or at least, that’s what someone said, sometime, somewhere. Regardless of your opinion on the old, you can see the new coming out in full force at the inclusive troupe Magical Girl Burlesque’s recurring show, The New Review. True to its name, it centers around showcasing both emerging and experienced burlesque performers who have new acts they’d like to workshop for an audience. Think of it as a kind of open mic for burlesque, except the lineup is technically pre-curated and there probably won’t be any white men telling jokes that they (and no one else) think are funny.


(image via Soho Rep)

Is God Is
Now through March 31 at Soho Rep, 7:30 pm: $20-$50

Just so you know, this show is v v sold out. Not entirely, but like, they had to extend it a second time because people liked it so much. But, because the medium of theater is used to these things happening (unlike movies, which I learned trying to see Black Panther last weekend), there are accommodations. In Soho Rep’s case, you can line up early to get same-day rush tickets, or try for one of the elusive 99-cent Sunday shows, where tickets literally cost 99 cents. Get there extra early for those. And what is this show that’s caused such a commotion? Is God Is is a new play by Aleshea Harris that combines elements of Afropunk, the spaghetti western, mythology, and more. If you’re into revenge fantasies, dark humor, journeys from the South to California, overalls, and sisterly bonds, this is the play for you.


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Dancify That!
Saturday, February 24 at Caveat, 10 pm: $18 advance, $20 doors

Dance shows aren’t for everyone, or at least that’s what you might think. But what if flailing limbs and graceful choreography was combined with the much more universal topic of wacky, strange videos that people find online? Comedy dance show Dancify That!, hosted by Deborah Lohse, asks a bevy of up-and-coming contemporary dancers to strut their stuff on the Caveat stage, performing routines inspired by whatever oddities the internet happens to be serving up recently. Join dancers Cori Olinghouse, Ash RT Yergens, Krista Jansen, CJ Holm, Karilyn Surratt, Sarah Dahnke, Patrick Ferreri, and others as their kooky choreographic creations are judged by comedian Keisha Zollar and a special guest.


(flyer via Donnie Cianciotto / Facebook)

Trans Voices Cabaret
Sunday, February 25 at The Duplex, 3:30 pm: $10 advance, $15 doors

Cabaret has a long and storied history in New York and beyond, and the West Village’s Duplex is one of the most notable spots this campy song-filled art form has unfolded over the years. However classic a genre can be, there’s always room for progress, and that’s just what the Trans Voices Cabaret strives for. The concept is simple: take the standard cabaret show, and cast it entirely with trans and gender non-conforming singers and musical theater performers. Not only does this make for an entertaining evening out, it also provides visibility for these performers in a time where tolerance for trans roles being given to cis (i.e.: non-trans) actors is becoming lower and lower, and these trans voices are being given more and more of a rightfully-deserved platform. If you can’t think of any trans performers you might cast in a musical, it would behoove you to stop by this cabaret and get a little schooling.