(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Over the weekend, The Levee, a staple of the Williamsburg scene, unveiled its newest mural: the aptly-titled “Anti-Social Media.” This is the second Damien Mitchell piece to grace The Levee’s wall, after last year’s political quick-take “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.”

The message of the mural is embedded into the paint: Over a backdrop of app thumbnails, a man glares at his phone and tightens a tourniquet with his teeth, readying for a rush of media to pour in through the USB cord tapped into his vein. The mural is especially rich given that The Levee replaced a notorious “coke bar.” Could this be a commentary about the hot new drug among bar-goers too preoccupied with their screens to show common courtesy?

Susan Surdacki, co-owner of The Levee, said the bar gives full creative license to whichever artist it’s collaborating with at the time– at this point, Mitchell has become the de facto artist in residence. “It really is all up to whenever Damien has a new idea,” she said.

Surdacki told us the mural wasn’t necessarily a reflection of the bar’s political leanings. “I will say, on a personal note, that I was kind of sick of looking at Trump’s face,” she added with a laugh.