On Saturday afternoon this past weekend about a dozen teams of intrepid idiots went careening through the streets of Brooklyn for the 14th annual running of that ridiculous race for no reason, the Idiotarod.

Organized as usual by the shadowy groups of Department of Homeland Absurdity and Idiot Labs, the becostumed racers bemused passersby for hours in Prospect Heights, Park Slope, and Gowanus before finally pulling into that metal-bar-with-a-stripper-pole Lucky 13 for the traditional granting of trophies. Among the big winners this year:

• Kostume Kult won “Best Sabotage” for their, ahem, “crazy-ass” chocolates;

• “Best Bribery and Hospitality” went to the Skull Eaters for their elaborate, Marie Antoinette-era cake-cart Let Them Eat Tide Pods;

• The big Bondage Brunch squad took home “Best Performance” for their relentless feather-tickling and spatula-spanking;

• The “Best Costume” trophy was captured by the Eyeball foursome;

• And the big money for “Best in Show” was handed over to the huge crew, pushing four carts, behind Miko and Herbert’s Circus of Astonishing Idiots, Odditities, and Amazements.

Sadly, the ritualistic destruction of the carts (usually by catapult, or industrial crusher, or fire) had to be canceled at the last minute this year, but that didn’t seem to dim the well-liquored spirits of the racers.

Click through our slideshow to see what went down.