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Magical Girl Burlesque Presents Birthday Battleship Burlesque
Friday, January 26 at Bizarre Bushwick, 8 pm: FREE (suggested donation to benefit Southern Poverty Law Center)

Ah, Battleship. That classic game of pegs, coordinates, and nearly naked bodies. If you’re confused about that last part, perhaps you’ll have your memory refreshed on Friday night, when the performers of Magical Girl Burlesque take to the stage and somehow reenact an entire game of Battleship with a burlesque twist. Here’s how such a thing will work: each performer on the lineup represents a boat piece. Audience members will play the game in the classic way, and when the battleships are sunk, the performer will perform. So in this case, losing the game is actually winning the game. The show is free, but donations will be collected for the Southern Poverty Law Center.SATURDAY

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Internet Explorers
Saturday, January 27 at Caveat, 7 pm: $10

Do you remember that one episode of The Fairly OddParents where Timmy goes into the internet? I do, at least sort of. It was a good episode. You could say he was an Internet Explorer, and well, the people on this comedy show are too. While they’re not family-friendly, fairy-filled cartoons, they have the passion and know-how to school you on all things Online. Yes, not only will a group of plugged-in comedians deliver lectures and demonstrations on algorithms, programming, and other STEM-y subjects, there will be some real live website-building happening. Audience members will give their best suggestions of what they envision a website to be, and then it shall happen before their very eyes. It’s implied the show’s creator Mark Vigeant has a penchant for old-school Geocities, so prepare to be reminded of the time you learned HTML not through Myspace like the cool kids, but because you wanted to make your Neopets profile the best it could be. Or maybe that’s just me.


(flyer courtesy of Marybess Pritchett)

Generous Laughs
Sunday, January 28 at littlefield, 8 pm: $10

It is always nice to spend a night listening to people say genuinely funny things, and laughing at those funny things. Even if you have a really loud or weird-sounding laugh or shriek too much like I do sometimes, you should let yourself be free. Except, probably, if you’re a particularly rude heckler. Anyway, come as you are to Generous Laughs, a comedy show that will supply plenty of chuckle-worthy material in addition to smile-worthy philanthropy. Experience comedians both wonderful and strange, such as Cocoon Central Dance Team, Mitra Jouhari, Patti Harrison, Josh Sharp, Eudora Peterson, Julio Torres, Dylan Marron, and many others, who will bless you with their jokes in exchange for your money. This cash will then be donated to the Pride Fund To End Gun Violence, a PAC supporting candidates that value gun control and LGBTQ justice. So go ahead and shriek while you laugh, it’ll be for a good cause.