The residents and guests of Rat Trap and 618 Design’s F*** You party in Gowanus, 5am. (Photos: Nick McManus)

This New Year’s Eve/Day, I visited 18 parties, many in venues whose windows had been steamed up by crowds in no hurry to head back home through the cold. The condensation could be seen early on as I visited the farewell parties for downtown’s Noho Star and Grassroots Tavern and continued as Claptone rang in 2018 at Bang On! NYC’s Time and Space warehouse party.

Here’s how it all went, hour by hour. If you’re looking for signs of unity as we turn the page on 2017, you may find them in these group portraits.

2:30pm Noho Star’s staff joined by artists Russell Murphy and Ben Lansky (top, left and right) during its farewell brunch:

3:30pm Grassroots Tavern patrons outside during its farewell party:

Grassroots Tavern co-owner Douglas Bunton (second, from left) with patrons:

4pm R&R Gift attendant Ganesh with customers outside his soon-to-be-demolished building on St. Marks Place:

4pm Cooper Square street residents Kaitlin and Harry (center, left and right) being given New Year’s beer by artists Ben Lansky and Russell Murphy (far left and right):

9:45pm The New Year’s party at Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg, featuring The Bar Band (rear right):

10:15pm Tender Trap’s New Years Eve party in Greenpoint:

10:45pm Brooklyn Wildlife’s New Year’s Eve Havana Style and Gamba space in Greenpoint:

11:15pm House party on Greene Avenue in Bushwick:

Midnight Claptone (on stage with mask) with his crowd during Bang On! NYC’s Time and Space party in Bushwick:

12:30am DRTY SMMR’s New Queers Eve host Alfredo Leija (top, second from left) at his store in Bushwick:

1am House of Yes dancer Tanya Ubeda (bottom left) on stage during their Y2K party:

2am Con Artist Collective’s New Year’s Eve party on the Lower East Side:

2:30am Black Crescent’s New Year’s Eve party on the Lower East Side:

3am Secret Loft’s New Year’s party near Union Square:

4am The finale of JunXion’s New Dawn party at The Williamsburg Hotel:

6am Bang On! NYC’s co-founders Timothy Monkiewicz and Brett Herman on stage at the finale of Time and Space:

9am The Keep’s private staff party hosted by owner Stephanie Jankowitz-Castillo:

10am Smokers atop JunXion’s X Marks The Loft during their private afterparty:

Noon JunXion founder Myk Tummolo (back row, fourth from right) at the conclusion of his private afterparty:

8pm The finale of The Get Down’s and House of Yes’s Datrium immersive dance party (stfs fv):