The joyous delight/pestilent scourge that is SantaCon brightened/darkened our city once again on Saturday, as thousands of red-suited revelers were disgorged from Penn Station into what happened to be a wet, glorious snow globe of an afternoon.

This year’s grand sloppiness began on the steps of the Farley Post Office, with plenty of nearby bars eager to welcome the mobs of before-noon drinkers. As usual, however, the East Village seemed to bear the brunt of the, uh, fun. If you’ve never participated in the day’s revelry, know that SantaCon is basically about wandering around in a blackout, waiting on long lines to get into jam-packed bars like The 13th Step and Solas, and crying.

As promised, the NYPD posted up in force in front of all the anticipated Santa hotspots, and the officers were mostly tolerant of all the nonsense going on around them. They posed for photos, they ignored open containers of booze, they patiently listened to young folks slurring their case that they should be allowed into this or that bar.

Per the website, SantaCon has raised more than $300,000 in the past five years for charitable organizations like Boys Town and Urban Pathways, and the staggering influx of staggering day-drinkers certainly brings a windfall to many East Village independent businesses.

Click through our slideshow to see some bros in the snow.