(Photos: Matthew Silver)

Pourt, an upscale java joint at 35 Cooper Square, got a bit of attention (including from B+B) when it opened in late January, for using a business model that incorporates a pay-to-stay work area. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Its windows have been papered over, and a message on its website quells any hope that the shop is undergoing upgrades.

Bummer. Now it’s only right to wax nostalgic about a place that I’d been going to for exactly three months. They had really great to-go espresso cups, with little finger-sized handles on the side that made the shape of a heart. Twice I used the pay-to-stay workspace in the back, and I’m pleased to say I actually got some work done (for once). I think something about shelling out $3 an hour for wicked fast wifi and a stylish wood desk made me focus. And for any readers that have spent the last few months wondering what I look like (which I’m sure there’s a bunch), this is – unfortunately – not a photo of my back.

I have a lot less hair and no longer take forks outside my house. They never fit inside the Tupperware so I always end up throwing them out to keep my bag clean. Anyway, I’m going to miss Pourt. The hip, cool co-owners, who could often be spotted behind the counter, Matthew Tervooren and Mike Kruszewski, couldn’t be contacted by press time.