(flyer via Fire Signs Present / Facebook)

Fire Signs Present: Sociable Sagittarians
Wednesday, November 29 at Artichoke Pizza, 9 pm: FREE

Artichoke Pizza is known far and wide for serving up very large, very rich, very cream-laden slices of pizza to late-night revelers and hungry lunch-searchers alike. But when they opened a Bushwick location in the old Northeast Kingdom space not too long ago, they also began hosting events and shows in their basement. One such monthly show is a woman-centric variety show helmed by Fire Signs Present, a duo (of fire signs, of course) comprised of performers Meg McDermott and Nancy Pop. Each month, they book women and femme comedians, storytellers, musicians, and anything in between, typically who belong to the astrological sign of the month, but not always. (Full disclosure: I performed at last month’s Scorpio show. Fellow Scorpio Risings…hello.) This time around, it is all about Sagittarius folk, specifically Hannah Abney, Thoughtress, Brittany Sherrod, and Aston Hollins McClanahan. Plus, there is free prosecco.


Lake Simons in a June 2017 promotional image of Tree Pop (Photo: John Carlisle Moore)

Tree Pop, An Imaginative Pageant Amongst The Pines-An Ode to Friends That Leave & Objects That Speak
November 30-December 10 at HERE Arts Center, 7 pm (Sundays at 2 pm): $25

I have to say, just by the title alone I want to see this show. What a fun title. I, too, have friends who have left. But enough about that, it’s the holiday season, and the holiday season is supposedly a time for whimsical talking toys and animals and other such happenings. Specifically, Lake Simons and John Dyer’s Tree Pop is a puppet show, combining all sorts of puppetry techniques from shadow puppets to big wearable puppets and anything in between. These puppets, aided by six performers, work to create a small winter village and bring it to magical life. If you’re looking for a fun break from the dismal state of the world, turning to these small, friendly figures could just do the trick.


(flyer by Abby Kallenbach, via Facebook)

Trash The Patriarchy
December 1-3 at Vital Joint, 7 pm (also 1 pm Saturday): $10

Typically, when one speaks of dismantling the patriarchy, it’s proclaimed in more metaphorical terms. But at Hannah Kallenbach’s new interactive performance installation, trashing the patriarchy is quite literally what will happen. Well, at least the “trashing” component. In the small East Williamsburg space, you will have almost free reign to do what you want with the vast array of garbage, plastic, discarded knickknacks, stale snacks, and more that will be on display and ripe for the touching. The audience won’t be the only one engaging with the space; several self-proclaimed “gross” performers will be doing their thing behind the secure-ish barrier of clear shower curtains. So, put on your most disposable clothes, dream up all the things you wish you could debauch, and get ready to trash.


(image via Silent Barn / Facebook)

Letters in the Dirt
Sunday, December 3 at Silent Barn, 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm: $8

While the Silent Barn most commonly hosts bands, they also do other events like readings. This time, they’re providing a home for a unique, participatory play centering around the 2010 murder of seven year-old Aiyana Jones, a black girl shot in her sleep by a police officer in Detroit who was conducting a home raid. As of 2015, the last charge against the officer has been dropped after juries failed to reach a verdict multiple times. While justice is rarely served by the formal legal system for cases of police brutality such as this, people can do their part to ensure the victims are remembered. This play, which has elements of poetry, music, games, and black culture and history, seeks to do just that.