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Branded Content Presents: Whole Foods
Thursday, November 2 at Pine Box Rock Shop, 8 pm: FREE

Ah, it appears the brands are at it again, my friends. The brands are always at it again. In this case, the brands are going seasonal, as the weather is finally getting colder some of the days but other days it feels like summer still and the earth will surely burn to a crisp sooner than we know it. Anyway, while we still have time on this strange planet we call home, you might as well spend a Thursday night watching some free comedy at a show that is all about the perils and peculiarities of brands and their content. The evening is hosted by Simone Norman and Jackson Fisher, and features Jay Jurden, Jeremyah Schur, Mary Houlihan, Kate Dellis, Gianmarco Soresi, and Chanel Ali, with a little help from the biggest jokester of all, Whole Foods.


(flyer courtesy of The Visitation)

The Visitation
November 3-5 at The Wyckoff House, 8 pm (Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm): $23

First of all, this show is an immersive theater piece in a big old house (the oldest house in the city, apparently!), and yet it only costs $23 a ticket. That’s refreshing in today’s world of interactive and site-specific work so commonly bearing price tags that are out of reach for so many. Second of all, it is a show about witchcraft in the 1600s, so you can continue being in the Halloween spirit and maybe get to know what an actual witch hunt is, which has nothing to do with Woody Allen and other bad men in the entertainment industry. Anyway, the concept of the play revolves around a sick girl who suspects she has fallen ill due to witchcraft. Some priests investigate the matter, and discover more than they anticipated. I wonder if that knowledge will be the fact that a bunch of 21st century Brooklyn 20-somethings are wandering around their house while they’re trying to do a play! Folks, I will be here all week.


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Now through November 12 at New Ohio Theater, 7:30 pm (matinees at 2 pm): $25, $18 for 30 and under

Named after the lively game that people in a group chat I’m in are coincidentally playing right now, Fuck Marry Kill (FMK) is in fact not just an evening in which you watch other people discuss which of three people they would bang, betrothe, or banish forever from this mortal plane. It is a play by James Presson presented by Less Than Rent Theater, about some teens residing in the town of Greenport, Connecticut. These teens are about to experience prom, a significant event that brings about a significant amount of drama. Said drama unfolds in the form of Jacobean revenge theater mixed with a hearty dose of the high school tropes you know and love, or maybe hate.


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Construction Phases
Sunday, November 5 at Starr Bar, 8 pm: FREE

“If you’ve ever looked at a building and thought, ‘How they do that?’, then this show is for you,” states the description for the latest edition of Ana Fabrega’s monthly show at Starr Bar. Amongst jokes by Jacqueline Novak, Ziwe Fumudoh, Sam Jay, Ruby McCollister, Ike Ufomadu, and Rachel Lenihan, you will likely learn a thing or two about construction and blueprints and ground plans and other such topics. Whether or not these things will be realistic or factual is anyone’s guess, but learning is learning after all.