(flyer via Idio Gallery / Facebook)

The Past, Too, Is An Intruder
Opening Tuesday, October 24 at A-Pou’s Taste, 7 pm to 10 pm. On view through October 29.

Although East Williamsburg space Idio Gallery is no longer formally operating in the Grand Street building they called home, this has not stopped the gallery and its fearless leader Montana Simone from continuing on in new and creative ways. This Tuesday marks the opening of an exhibition of paintings by A. Savage that will still be on view on Grand Street, but not in a gallery space. Instead, they will find a home for the week at A-Pou’s Taste, a dumpling shop across the way. At the opening, you will certainly be able to purchase as many dumplings as your heart desires while gazing upon colorful works by the multi-hyphenate A. Savage, a visual artist who also performs music solo and as part of Parquet Courts and co-founded the label Dull Tools. If you’re looking to get more of an insight into the artist’s process, there will be a talk with Savage and artist Jonathan Campolo this Thursday at 7 pm.

(image via Artists Alliance Inc)

Bitter Bites: Tracing the Fruit Market in the Global South
Opening Friday, October 27 at Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through December 10.

To some, fruit is merely a sweet, juicy food item you can buy at a store or from a street vendor. To others, it’s far more. New exhibition Bitter Bites showcases three artists who use their work to cast light on the fruit industry and its vast and multifaceted history of colonialism. Colombian artist Daniel Santiago Salguero’s installation was inspired by his move from Bogotá to NYC, and how he went from buying locally-harvested fruit to fruit that had to travel significant distances. The installation pairs typical fruit journeys with the paths migrants must travel to enter the U.S. Cuban-Spanish artist Claudia Claremi shines a spotlight on Puerto Rican fruits that have nearly disappeared from local cultivation, using memories of San Juan residents to do so. Finally, Emirati artist Raja’a Khalid zeroes in on the mango, delving into the fruit’s history and political symbolism across the world.

(image via Greenpoint Terminal Gallery / Facebook)

Bone-white Burial
Opening Friday, October 27 at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, 7 pm to 10 pm. On view through December 9.

Ghost stories and folk tales have a fair bit in common. They are often recounted in group settings, sometimes over a crackling fire, and tend to shift and change over time as different people tell them. Though ghost stories are often set in the past, with their telling there’s usually the lingering sense that the subjects of these stories are floating in the air around you as you hear about their lives and afterlives. Greenpoint Terminal Gallery’s latest group show, featuring Austin English, B. Thom Stevenson, Cody Tumblin, and June Culp, isn’t explicitly about ghost stories, but it seeks to conjure a similar level of chilling memories. Each artist will be showing work that is typically a little bit darker in nature, and deals with bringing memories to life through narrative tales. Perhaps there will be visitors from the spirit realm drinking the free wine alongside you.

(image via Space Heater Gallery / Facebook)

Opening Saturday, October 28 at Space Heater Gallery, 7 pm to midnight. One night only.

This is a very good exhibition name. I question how long one is supposed to sustain the “ahh” sound when saying it aloud, and exactly what level of fear and/or terror to imbue the proclamation with, but these wonderings are also what makes it strong. Appropriately, Aaaaaaaaaaaah! is a Halloween-themed art show and party, featuring 12 artists from the School of Visual Arts’s MFA Fine Arts program who have cooked up spine-chilling specialties for you to feast your eyes upon. Perhaps the spookiest thing about this show is it is only on view for one mere night, and it’s on a night where many other Halloween parties and events are also happening. Thankfully, it lasts for longer than the typical art exhibition opening reception, so you have the whole evening to pop by and soak in all the ghoulish creations before moving onto the next party and/or spirit realm.