(Photo: Oleg Davidoff)

If you’re looking for new threads, kicks, or other gear, you’ll soon have yet another spot to drop into on Williamsburg’s increasingly stylish Grand Street.

Grand Street Local, which will hold a soft opening the second week of October, is the brainchild of Jon Feldman and fiancé Jenna Tenace. In 2010, Feldman opened Feltraiger with his brother, selling private-label, made-in-the-USA items.

“Over the years, we started to introduce third-party goods,” he said. “Leather goods, jewelry, vintage – stuff we weren’t making.”

After seeing the success of vintage items at Feltraiger, Feldman and Tenace decided they warranted their own space and leased a storefront right across the street, at 154 Grand. “We’re bringing in a range of goods from 1940s to 1990s,” Feldman said. “It’s definitely handpicked and curated to our vibe, which is really different Americana cultures.”

Customers will find everything from 1940s Navy deck jackets and military novelties to sportswear like older Nike gear and Air Jordan products from the ’80s. Accessories and home goods will also fill the shelves. “We’re really going to try to tell a story about the products,” Feldman said. “Where they were made, where they came from and even how we found them.

“Something like, ‘It was in the attic of this guy who lived in New York and owned it because he was in the Army,” he said. “People walk in and it’s visually appealing, obviously, but once you know some of the history behind something, that piece means a little bit more.”

Grand Street has become a go-to shopping location, Feldman said, but his attachment to the street goes beyond fashion. “We’ve been on Grand Street for four years now and the local community, everything has been so incredible,” he said. “Grand Street is just our home.”