“Worlds Fairs have inspired Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, and many others to express their brilliance. For 130 years, American cities set the standard for Worlds Fairs. Now it’s time to rebuild the world’s greatest stage in the United States, and inspire the pursuit of our best possible future.”

So says the manifesto of Worlds Fair USA, an organization which describes itself as “an independent effort to bring the international showcase of the future, featuring the world’s most amazing technology, art, and more, back to the United States.”

While Worlds Fair USA continues its search for a suitable site for an American World Expo (minimum requirements: “2,000+ vacant acres of land near an urban center with enough airport terminals, overnight accommodations, and transit options to handle 100 million people over 6 months”), the organization is trying to build buzz through a roadshow convention called Worlds Fair Nano, which already hit San Francisco. Coming to Brooklyn this September, Nano promises a dazzling spectacle — a “whirlwind two-day festival filled with mind-blowing technology, futurist talks, interactive art, live music, food, and more.” Gird up your loins.

Eager Brooklynites can expect the opportunity to test out a buffet feast of experimental tech, including drones, VR, an “omnidirectional treadmill,” electric skateboards, 3D pens, and bionics. There will also be high-tech food on offer, including cricket-based treats, chewable coffee “go cubes,” Dippin’ Dots (not sure if this one is really a novelty at this point, but it fits the theme), and — yes — Soylent. There will also be high-concept art installations.

The biggest draw, however, will no doubt be the speakers. The event is built around a kind of uber-TED Talk — dozens of guest speakers (mainly academics and people from the tech world) who will lecture on subjects like robots, vertical farming, “psychedelic science,” and “the future of dating.” Virginia senator and former presidential running mate Tim Kaine will lecture on “the future of American leadership.”

For more, check out the video trailer. Worlds Fair Nano will be held Sept. 16th and 17th at the Brooklyn Expo Center near the waterfront in Greenpoint.