“Dorinda Medley Pointing at Herself.” (Photo courtesy of Laura Collins)

The museum behind the “Olsen Twins Hiding From the Paparazzi” and “Nicole Richie’s 2007 Memorial Day BBQ” exhibits is at it again. This time with a new exhibit called “Real Housewives Pointing.” And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

In October, the THNK 1994 museum, named after the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan kneecap incident, will host about 40 portraits of cast members from the iconic, trashy franchise.

Chicago artist Laura Collins created the Olsen twins paintings (all but one of which have been sold) and will be returning to the museum with a series that she says is all about catastrophe and the train wreck that nearly all the housewives seem to embody–especially Kim and Kyle Richards, her favorites.

Collins told us she was “just a little bit fascinated by how their lives have gone in two different directions– Kyle’s life seems to be completely together and Kim’s is a complete disaster– and the dynamic between the two of them.”

Like the Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton paintings that came before, these are sure to make you chuckle and maybe even cringe. “There’s this feeling of tension, but also defensiveness that it’s very aggressive, but also super personal,” Collins said.

“Kyle Richards Pointing at Her Sister.” (Photo courtesy of Laura Collins)

Collins has been working closely with museum co-owners and co-curators Viviana Olen and Matt Harkins to determine which housewives to feature and which moments are the most iconic and noteworthy. So far Collins has painted 20 portraits of housewives from the Beverly Hills, New York City and Orange County franchises. She doesn’t know much about the other cities because, surprisingly, she actually doesn’t watch that much television. But she is working with Harkins and Olen to create a more dynamic and inclusive series.

“I’m just going to hammer home this point of white female privilege, but I do feel uncomfortable not including the other series,” Collins said. “So we’ve talked about definitely including Atlanta and Potomac.”

Harkins and Olen are excited to work more with Collins and create something that everyone will love. “When people come to visit, we talk about the exhibit we have up now, but then a lot of times we just talk about Housewives to begin with,” Harkins said. The museum has hosted Real Housewives Symposiums discussing fan favorites like Alex McCord and is planning on hosting another for the opening of the upcoming exhibit.

Olen said the museum and exhibit is “a way to fan-out in a fun, safe environment.” If they haven’t already, fans of pop culture and fashion icons will freak out when they hear what’s coming up next at the museum. “I don’t want to reveal too much, but it’s about Anna Wintour,” Collins said. Now this is art we can get behind.

THNK 1994 Museum is located at 1436 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn NY 11216.