(image via Tiny Hornets)

Tiny Hornets, Or, It Didn’t Have To Come To This
August 24-September 8 at 389 Melrose Street, 7:30 pm: $12

What is folklore? Who belongs to it, who disseminates it, and who decides what it looks like? That is what The Drunkard’s Wife, Craig Flanagin, and Normandy Sherwood are trying to figure out in their latest creation, Tiny Hornets, in which a guide introduces you to a slew of villagers and all their peculiarities. These villagers are all unique in their own ways, including one who may or may not be interested in the taste of flesh. And of course, folk isn’t folk without music and dancing, so there will be plenty of that too.


(image via Secret Loft / Facebook)

Comedy at Secret Loft
Friday, August 25 at Secret Loft, 8:30 pm: $5-15

Maybe your parents once told you not to talk with your mouth full. But what about laughing with your mouth full? Sometimes the fates align just so that you are enjoying some delicious food and some delicious jokes at the very same time. Then, what is one to do? I suppose there’s only one option: Laugh, chew, and hope you don’t choke to death while doing so.

I warn you of this potential combination of mouth-based merriment because the monthly comedy show Secret Loft, a space for all kinds of shenanigans that recently moved from Bushwick to Manhattan, has both free pizza and highly affordable comedy. So, as you listen to humor stylings of comics like Sarah Tollemache, Sagar Bhatt, JP McDade, and others, you’ll also be able to chew on the heavenly combo of cheese, sauce, and crust. After the show, there’s a dance party so you can shake off all that grease. What more could you want?


(flyer via D20 Burlesque / Facebook)

Notice Me Senpai! A Burlesque Tribute to Anime
Saturday, August 26 at The Parkside Lounge, 7 pm: $15-25

D20 Burlesque, named for the multi-sided die so prevalent in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, will be serving up something that’s a slightly different type of geeky: a show all about anime. A burlesque show dedicated to the Japanese animation genre seems fitting, as colorful outfits, memorable hairstyles, and short skirts are already pretty prevalent.

I should know; when I was merely a youth I was very into Sailor Moon and my mom got mad at me for my vested interest in the magical girl series, as she said their skirts were all too short and I should stop drawing pictures of naked girls even if I was just recreating the transformation sequence that actually happens in the show and they weren’t naked per se, but basically just outlines of bodies covered in color and sparkles. I have no idea if there will be a Sailor Moon number in this particular show, but if your childhood was anything like mine, it will probably bring back a lot of feelings.


(image via Yedoye Travis / Facebook)

Yedoye Travis Stands On Stage For Longer Than Usual
Sunday, August 27 at Bushwick Public House, 8 pm: FREE

This show isn’t particularly tough to explain, as it consists simply of comedian Yedoye Travis doing one hour of solo stand-up. It is fitting, at least to me, that he is doing this show at Bushwick Public House, because that is where I once met him. Maybe you once met him there too. Maybe you have seen him on the internet, or as a New Face of Comedy at this year’s Just For Laughs festival. If you didn’t, and are feeling left out, Sunday night would be a great time to stroll on over to this Bushwick coffee shop slash bar slash venue and get acquainted with both the man and his jokes.