With Oktoberfest in the air, summer is clearly on the way out– and the Jazz Age Lawn Parties are one of the things we’ll miss the most.

On Sunday, Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra concluded the season’s parties on Governors Island with a grand finale on the Colonel’s Row lawn. When the band returned to the stage for their encore, Michael took his vintage microphone and announced that there may be “imitations” of his 1920s throwback fete but his was “the original” and none of the others could compare. Thanking the audience, Michael struck up the band and led a horn-heavy rendition of Vera Lynne’s classic ballad “We’ll Meet Again.”

Without warning, Michael proceeded to lead his orchestra off the stage and onto the dance floor, continuing all the way across the Colonel’s Row’s lawn as folks folding their blankets looked on with delight. As a break in the trees caused the golden-hour rays to envelop them, Michael encouraged those few who knew the words to sing along.

If you didn’t make it, click through our slideshow to see what you missed.