Secret Loft Comedy’s performers and audience at the conclusion of the show, 7/7/17 at 11:30pm. (Photo: Nick McManus)

Secret Loft opened its doors to Manhattan on Friday night as it celebrated its new home across the river from where it started in Brooklyn. The new space, which until recently housed Babycastles before that venue moved two buildings down, was filled with a sold-out audience for the long-running Secret Loft Comedy Show.

Secret Loft Comedy’s host Petey DeAbreu (bottom, second from right) with venue owner Alex Neuhausen and DJ Que Cee (top, first and second from right) during the post-show dance party, 7/8/17 at 1am. (Nick McManus)

Host Petey DeAbrue kept folks laughing between sets by comedians Pedro GonzalezChristi ChielloMookie ThompsonSimeon GoodsonMay WilkersonStavros HalkiasMike Denny and Zach Simms. Before the show everyone was treated to free pizza and when it was over the lights dimmed as DJ Que Cee took the decks for a post-show after party. The vibe encouraged carousal amongst the comedians who stayed afterwards and busted each other’s chops along with venue co-organizer David Gelles.

Secret Loft owner Alex Neuhausen (center) with comedians Mike Denny and Mookie Thompson (right and left). (Photo: Nick McManus)

Comedian May Wilkerson (bottom) with friends in Secret Loft’s stairwell. (Photo: Nick McManus)

Secret Loft owner Alex Nuehausen could not have been happier with the turnout. Many of the attendees for his Brooklyn parties over the past four years commuted from Manhattan and his new location was filled with folks who simply walked from their apartments. When asked about his future plans for the space he told me that he and his organizers “have a vision for what we want offer. Stuff that’s missing from other places that we wanna see, like weirdness, comedy, LGBT programming, hip-hop shows and anything new that isn’t commercially viable and has artistic merit.”

Host Petey DeAbrue warming up the audience. (Photo: Nick McManus)

Future events include a house/techno party, SWEET TOOTH, on July 22 and their Secret Beach Party on July 29.

Secret Loft co-organizer David Gelles hanging out with the comedians while they wait to perform. (Photo: Nick McManus)