(flyer via Paperboy Prince / Facebook)

Trap Musical
Wednesday, July 26 at Bizarre Bushwick, 9 pm: $7-15 suggested donation

I have to be honest, I find this event extremely baffling. The poster has Pepe and Shia LaBeouf on it, neither of which are particularly beloved images lately, yet the show is subtitled “#TheyWillNotDivideUs.” Are the divisive villains in this story Pepe and Shia LaBeouf? There doesn’t seem to be much indication, but in any case the idea of a “full-length trap and R&B musical production” being performed in a Bushwick bar that specializes in the wild and weird seems like a good enough selling point. Helmed by Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, the cast is massive and jam-packed with a bevy of local performance artists, musicians, dancers, rappers, and more.

If you’re itching to see what in tarnation this thing is but can’t attend tonight, the event indicates it is going to become a monthly affair on the fourth Wednesday of every month. It will become a late-night party after the performance concludes, where you can process what you just saw by dancing until the wee hours.


(flyer via Bob Walles / Facebook)

Steven Tyler’s iPad 2
Thursday, July 27 at Our Wicked Lady, 9 pm: $5 suggested donation

If you told me Steven Tyler owned two iPads, I would believe you for sure. I’m not sure if that will be discussed at all at this show entitled Steven Tyler’s iPad 2, but there will be screenings of an animated series from General Interest Studio called Steven Tyler’s iPad. What could be on that iPad? Solely gifs of him judging American Idol? It’s unclear. To take your mind off of this query, this show also has IRL comedy by Mary Houlihan, Josh Gondelman, and Noah Garfinkel, plus music by Miracle Sweepstakes.

You won’t just be watching a bunch of funny folk goof around for no reason, as any donations received at this show (plus 10% of bar proceeds, so drink up) will be donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights. It’s part of Our Wicked Lady’s new initiative, Thursdays for the Cause, which presents short-form benefit shows every week.


(flyer via Silent Barn / Facebook)

Ghost City Press Summer Series Reading
Friday, July 28 at Silent Barn, 7 pm: $1-5 suggested donation

Ghost City Press is a small Syracuse-based independent publishing house, and sadly not a small sovereign nation filled only with ghosts making books all day. Though they’re not actual ghosts (as far as we know), the folks at this press have been hard at work, and are in the process of releasing their latest annual summer series of micro-chapbooks by young and/or emerging writers.

Friday night, Silent Barn (which just got a liquor license!) will be hosting a reading and release celebration event for the series. Eleven of Ghost City’s New York-based writers will be reading their work at the event, and maybe if you look hard enough around you, you’ll feel an otherworldly presence nestled alongside the audience.


(flyer via Brandon Perdomo / Facebook)

Saturday, July 29 at Socrates Sculpture Park, 6:30 pm: FREE

Summer is a time for outdoor performances. Usually these shows under the stars take place in parks or similarly quaint locations, and this performance salon is no exception. Staged in Long Island City’s Socrates Sculpture Park, MVMTMVMT is the culmination of multidisciplinary artist Brandon Perdomo’s residency at the park. In addition to presenting his own work that combines elements of Butoh, theater, and dance, he has asked an array of friends and collaborators to also perform.

The lineup includes Butoh-influenced performance art group Representative I, dancer Rina Espiritu, Mexican multidisciplinary artist and neuroscientist Arantxa Araujo, colorful “imaginary” band and Delancey-Essex regulars Pinc Louds, and several other unique artists.


(flyer via Ryan Houlian / Facebook)

Death Becomes Her: Queer Horror Stories
Sunday, July 30 at Tilt BK, 7:30 pm: FREE

When the internet wouldn’t stop raving about the Babadook and its new queer icon status, this storytelling event hopped on for the ride with a Babadook-themed show. Now, the top-hat-wearing creature’s buzz has died down a bit, but Ryan Houlihan has kept this show going sans viral novelty. Well, they haven’t abandoned giving the show a pop cultural theme; this time tales will be told that are mostly about or inspired by Death Becomes Her. I have not seen Death Becomes Her, but people seem to like it and it involves Meryl Streep. So if you’re in the mood for a spooky evening, descend into the basement that is Tilt BK.