Astor Plate on Astor Place © Kasper van Laarhoven

The Mudtruck is gone, but a kiosk that just opened on Astor Place is serving Mud coffee, smoothies, and $2.25 double egg sandwiches all day long.

In 2014, when Astor Place’s renovation left no room for the truck, it was forced to leave its home of 14 years. The Village Alliance pressed the City to open up a little lunch spot on the newly reconstructed Alamo Plaza, but Mud was too busy with their kiosk on East 1st Street to oversee it. So they reached out to Perry Mallas and his son Billy, who also own the Flatiron Green Cafe. They jumped on the opportunity. “We found this kiosk niche and it does well for us,” said Perry Mallas. The prices at the Astor Place kiosk are slightly lower than they are at the one at 23rd and Broadway– “to make sure that the NYU students could afford it.”

Mallas had Astor Plate Cafe designed to fit not only the environment, but also the Mud coffee they sell. “We wanted to bring that cool vibe of the Mudtruck back,” he said.

The good ol’ Mud coffee is back on the menu © Kasper van Laarhoven

Astor Plate is open daily from 8am till 7pm, and will serve salads, juices, Greek yogurt and a variety of sandwiches. The food will come in fresh from Benvenuto, the Mallas family’s brick-and-mortar café in Tribeca.