Photo credit: J. Oliver Conroy.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you, like me, require a daily allotment of chocolate or ice cream in order to forestall the possibility of slipping into a homicidal rage?

In that case, good news. As of today Astor Place is now home to a La Newyorkina ice cream stand. The stand, which sells “paletas” (popsicles), “Mexican ice cream,” and other treats, comes from the same people behind Dough, the New York pastry purveyor which inspires almost cult-like devotion. It joins the newly opened Astor Plate Cafe on the reconstructed plaza.

The stand is open today till 9 pm. (The person I spoke with seemed unsure about the stand’s hours going forward but it appears it will be open till that time every day.) Not all menu items are available at this location yet.

La Newyorkina is already a fixture of the Highline and Smorgasburg, and it has a storefront in the West Village, among other locations.