(Photo courtesy of Alan Gastelum)

Inside the former Vice building in Williamsburg a new private members only workspace is shaping up to open in July after a year of planning.

The creator of The New Work Project, James Davison, decided to open the workspace in Brooklyn and limit membership to only those who work in creative industries. “We’re really excited to be operating out of here because it’s an iconic building,” Davison said. “And Vice, obviously, was one of the first creative companies to really kickstart the gentrification of Williamsburg.”

This workspace will have space for 75 members to work, have conferences, hang out and will even have four phone booths for private calls. But don’t call it a coworking space. “Coworking is WeWork, mass market, real-estate-driven service offices,” Davison said. Instead, Davison and general manager Shaun Cooney want The New Work Space to be a “premium, design-lead, hospitality-style workspace.” Sort of like Soho House, but less pretentious.

The different membership levels will range from $475 each month for use of the common areas to $6,300 each month for a nine-person private studio, which happens to be where the office of Vice honcho Vice’s Shane Smith was.

When it’s finished, the one-level space will have furniture, textiles and wall coverings by Brooklyn based artists like J.M Szymanski.

“We’ve tried to champion local Brooklyn creativity and craftsmanship as much as we possibly can,” Davison said. “So we have designed a lot of the furniture ourselves and we’ve had it fabricated and milled locally.”

The workspace, which is still accepting applications, will also help members network with each other and provide concierge-style services like assisting with errands, mail, and booking spaces and cars. “That’s exactly how we want to run this space,” Cooney said. “For me to have a relationship with anyone that’s in the workspace so I can facilitate that growth of collaborating. I can be that one stop shop to recommending and knowing who’s working.”

Ultimately, they want the space to be somewhere its members hang out, have networking events and showcase their work instead of being a place to clock in and out each day.

Here are some conceptual photos for what the new workspace should look like once completed.