(Photos courtesy of Rooftop Reds)

Rooftop Reds, the “urban rooftop vineyard” at the Brooklyn Navy Yard opened last April and was well-covered by the press of the hoity toity (conditional praise by the New Yorker, luscious slideshow from the Times) and raved about in the press of the hoi polloi.

No matter how you like your wine, the view from the rooftop, as anyone who’s ever crashed a wedding at Steiner Studios is fully aware, is dramatic, sweeping, and delicious. The off-kilter glance of Manhatttan’s grid, downtown Brooklyn snugglingly close by, all of it framed tastefully by the astroturf, picnic tables, hammocks, and—of course—grape planters.

But don’t panic about spending a minute of your summer NOT staring at a screen: drop in on Thursdays for their pizza, wine, and movie nights. A mere $30 gets you one glass of wine from their tasting room, two pieces of pizza from local Porto Pizzeria, and a flick. PLUS the experience of lying around outside in a place where you might actually see stars and won’t be as crowded as you would be at Bryant Park.

Last month, the schedule featured ‘80s favorites (Fast Times, Ghostbusters), and this month we’re blessed with “Chick Flicks”—no tongue, no cheek. The line-up is nothing but favorites: Bridesmaids (July 6), followed by Clueless, Beaches, and Dirty Dancing.

Bridesmaids may have forever changed the idea of the “female comedy,” but personally, Clueless is an all-time favorite that I can quote from almost as wildly as Ghostbusters, (“As if!”). Plus, it’s the last time someone named Cher ended up with a nice Jewish boy since Cher and Gene Simmons broke up. Beaches is, of course, big with weeping aficionados, but the “Oh, Industry” stageshow is one of the most delightfully weird sequences in a modern mainstream film. Dirty Dancing will probably get mentioned a hundred times in the press this July now that we finally have another film in which the main character is named “Baby.”

On closer look, these four films have quite a bit in common. They all feature commendable actors who are now dead and gone—Jill Clayburgh, Brittany Murphy (“Rollin’ with the homies”), Spalding Gray, Patrick Swayze—and at least one actor whose career now looks drastically different, for better or worse: Melissa McCarthy, Alicia Silverstone/Paul Rudd, Mayim Bialik, and Jennifer Grey. (What happened to “most guys call me Shauna?”)

August will feature Sci Fi—Cloverfield on a Brooklyn rooftop? Yes, please—and September, classics, including Rear Window, perhaps the most perfect movie ever to watch from a rooftop.

Bradley Spinelli is the author of the novels “The Painted GunandKilling Williamsburg,” and the writer/director of “#AnnieHall.”