(Photo: Dylan Sirgiovanni)

Who needs a screening of Jaws on the water when you can see a real, live shark in Rockaway Beach?

No, it’s not a great white, but Instagram user Dylan Sirgiovanni spotted this sizeable, bug-eyed fish, which looks like a dusky shark, at 136th Street. He said he saw it on Tuesday evening and after snapping a picture, he did what any person with a healthy disregard for their hands would dohelped it back into the water.

Too bad Sirgiovanni wasn’t able to help these two sharks that washed up on the beach, dead and unresponsive, in the same area a few hours later. Alex Garberg, who spotted the two dogfish sharks, said he saw four total that were either dead or dying on the beach Wednesday morning. In April, a whale washed up nearby.