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Heaven Is Here! A Eurodance Party and Spiritual Rebirth Seminar
Wednesday, May 17 at Ars Nova, 8 pm: $16

Do you love Eurovision? Did you miss it this year? Do you have no idea what I’m talking about? Do gorillas bring a smile to your face and a rhythm to your hips? Whichever of these categories you might fit into, perhaps you might be intrigued by the latest offering from Ars Nova Makers Lab member Emily Oliveira, working in collaboration with Max Branigan and James Gentle. We last saw her organize a night of performances involving songs each performer’s mother selected, and this time she’s taking more of a performer role herself. However, instead of mothers, there will be someone a little more primal. I’m talking about everyone’s favorite sign-language speaking gorilla, Koko.

Yes, in this strange Wednesday night journey you’ll learn that Koko is “a divine liaison to the spiritual world,” and she has facilitated the birth of a Eurodance group called All Ball through her educational sign-language YouTube videos. Perhaps electronic beats and kindly primates really can save the soul.

(photo: Eric Lippe)


Revolution Hangout: Anthems of Anxiety and Resistance From the Dan Fishback Songbook
Thursday, May 18 at Joe’s Pub, 9 pm: $25

“Musical theater probably won’t topple fascism,” states the description for this concert of songs by curator and creator Dan Fishback, “but it couldn’t hurt!”

It is true; at this point, what else can we do? I’m sure even in between now and the time that event copy was written, more things have happened to crumble the world as we know it. Soon there will only be little crumbs, crumbs that will surely be less optimistic and helpful than breadcrumbs used to mark a path home in a fairy tale or to create a crispy exterior for some chicken tenders. So, why not spend a night at the cabaret supporting a queer artist’s work delving into Jewish resistance and trauma? The roster of artists performing songs from Fishback’s acclaimed (and relevant) Material World Trilogy includes comedian Cole Escola, cabaret star Molly Pope, stage veteran Chip Zien, and more.


(flyer via Thick Skin / Facebook)

Thick Skin: a Bad Tattoo Roast Show
Friday, May 19 at Tender Trap, 8 pm: $5

Surely at one point you spent some time out of your day looking at photos of unfortunately bad tattoos online, chuckling and hoping you might never see the same fate. Well, now is your chance to do the same thing, but live and in person! Can your conscience handle gawking at people in so public an atmosphere?

Thankfully, you won’t be alone. Three comedians—Mike Abrusci, Jake Flores, and Andrea Allan, joined by hosts Hannah Cowger and Jeremy Hammond—will be gracing the stage alongside three people with something awful and embarrassing etched forever onto their skin. These people will get their fair chance to explain how in the heck they ended up with such nonsense on their bodies, and the comedians will go ahead and roast them. One of these tattoos could very well be roasted right off, as the worst tat of the night will actually win a voucher from a local laser tattoo removal business.


(image via Clubbed Thumb)

The World My Mama Raised
May 20-30 at The Wild Project, 8 pm: $25

Summerworks, Clubbed Thumb’s interesting crop of new plays, returns once again to The Wild Project. Beginning the series is Ariel Stess’s The World My Mama Raised. The play is directed by Kip Fagan, who also served as director for Stess’s last Summerworks show, the dark and nostalgic school-set story I’m Pretty Fucked Up.

This play also involves a school, as well as a release from prison, and a father learning how to read, among other events. If it’s anything like Stess’s prior works, it will be linguistically strange to navigate while at the same time being very familiar. A description of the play mentions “a frenemy with benefits,” so that’s gotta be #relatablecontent to at least one of you.