Alleyway Objects, Tech Art Galore, and More Visual Treats Opening This Week

(image via The Lodge Gallery)

Foofaraw & Spleen
Opening Wednesday, May 10 at The Lodge Gallery, 7 pm to 9 pm. On view through June 11.

This exhibition brings together two artists whose work is lighthearted, literary, and warmly familiar. The Lodge Gallery and DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary, whose Ayakamay exhibition we recently covered, will be pairing up paintings by Heather Morgan and watercolor works on paper by Paul D’Agostino for the jauntily-named exhibition “Foofaraw & Spleen.”

Morgan, who normally deals in self-portraits, has created an array of portraits of familiar faces that are not her own. Looking back at you will be a selection of figures that Morgan considers inspirational: writers, musicians and the like, ranging from esteemed literary fellows to plain old rock stars. D’Agostino, on the other hand, will be showing a portion of the 140 works on paper he’s created for a book project. As they are titled The Produce Chronicles, With Flowers, it seems he is taking a leafier approach than Morgan’s human renderings. Together, their work creates a harmony of quaint depictions, from the natural realm to the human species.

Mmuseumm 2017 Grand Opening
Opening Thursday, May 11 at Cortlandt Alley, 7 pm.

Everyone’s favorite cluster of incredibly small museums in a Manhattan alleyway will be opening with a number of new exhibitions, most of which will be tucked away in a former freight elevator. Taking a simultaneously minimalist and maximalist approach to the art exhibition, Mmuseumm stuffs as many tiny things as possible into small spaces, resulting in a highly unique and vast collection perfect for both strolling by and glancing at and poring over for hours. You’re probably better off finding a happy medium between those two, lest you anger other visitors by refusing to leave this tiny, tiny art space until you’ve looked at every last detail.

In a piece for Design Observer, the writer Rob Walker deemed Mmuseumm’s curatorial style “Object Journalism,” a term the space has embraced. This item-based aesthetic seems very present in this season’s exhibition, which include pebbles from a maximum-security prison, items sold at ultra-steep discounts, edible insects, found objects repurposed into practical goods by Cuban citizens, and more.

(image via Guy Hepner)

Opening Thursday, May 11 at Guy Hepner NYC, 7 pm to 10 pm.

Last week, Gothamist reported on a strange green slime slithering its way through the streets of Midtown. The slime turned out to most likely be rogue antifreeze, but it’s more interesting if you discard that logical answer and come up with your own fun theory. If slime in all its gloopy glory really gets you going, you don’t even have to go up to Midtown to get an eyeful. Guy Hepner Gallery and The TAX Collection will be showing sculptural works by artists Dan Lam and John Foster, and oozy imagery is plentiful.

If you think you’re unique because you’re drawn to these colorful, drippy pieces, you are not. Dan Lam’s amorphous assemblies have been snapped up by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Gigi Hadid, and John Foster’s sparkling, geometric creations have found their way into many private collections. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy them.

‘Cubist Mirror’ by Gene Kogan (via School For Poetic Computation)

Stronger Together: Exhibition of Tech Art, Workshops, and Music
Opening Friday, May 12 at Knockdown Center, 5 pm to 11 pm: $15

The intersection of technology and art is nothing new, that’s for sure, but as the digital world is ever-developing, so is the art made using it. This jam-paced show organized by Leaders in Software and Art with Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center features tech and media-based art, 3D scanning workshops, virtual reality, DIY tutorials, music performances, and more.

The roster of artists are predominantly creators hailing from “computer art” programs at nine academic institutions like Columbia, NYU, SVA, and others. The lineup includes the algorithmically-inclined Eric Corriel and immersive audio manipulator Seth Cluett, both of whom B+B has featured previously. Friday’s exhibition preview is ticketed and includes a music performance, but starting at noon on Saturday the show will be free and open for anyone to visit.

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