Brandon Scott Wolf. Memorize that name because roughly a third of any conversation with the above named person is basically those three words followed by a dot com. Hot on the heels of his two successful websites, (“the number one dating website for me, Brandon Scott Wolf”) and (an open challenge to Floyd “Money” Mayweather to fight BSW, if he so dared), comes a third magnum opus (if three magnum opii are even permitted):

For his third self-proclaimed media experiment, the-name-that-shalt-not-be-repeated has launched his own religion. It has but one commandment: Thou shalt “like” AND “retweet.” Here’s the deal: if he gets 100,000 followers on the very pious medium of Twitter, he says he will definitely register as a religion and file for tax exemption. Currently he’s languishing at 8,432 followers– and you thought you had a lot to do this tax season.

“I don’t think following Brandon Scott Wolf is any less legitimate than other religions– Judaism, Scientology, that one with the Spaghetti Monster as a God,” said he in response to my accusations of fraud (albeit less so than Brooklyn’s own Kumare stunt).

Brandon’s websites have had a mixed bag of success, so I’ll pace myself before I call his bluff. After all, 1,500 actual, real-life people were willing to go out with Brandon and created profiles on his dating website. How many did he actually go out with? “More than two, but less than four.”

Meanwhile, Mayweather never actually came out to fight Brandon. “A month after launching that [website] he retired,” laments Brandon. “Do you think he was afraid of you?” I am compelled to ask. “Oh, definitely. I think he is a coward. He’s ducking me. He’s definitely ducking me.”

Clearly, the point isn’t whether this works or not, or even whether or not it’s a gimmick– maybe it’s worth following him to kinda double dare Brandon into actually keeping his word. You decide if he’s funny enough to occupy your Twitter real estate. I for one would like to see him try this stunt. All I can say is, start studying IRS loopholes, and don’t be the boy who cried Wolf, Brandon.