The facade of Don Pedro underneath the smashed-out windows of the second floor. (Photo: Nick McManus)

The ceiling damage in Don Pedro’s back room. (Photo: Nick McManus)

A fire broke out next to Don Pedro last night, seriously harshing a 4/20 show scheduled at the Williamsburg venue.

The blaze started at the closed Lantingua’s Deli Market shortly after 6pm, as Don Pedro’s patrons were enjoying happy hour, and raged on the first and second floors of the building at 92 Manhattan Avenue for an hour and a half, according to the FDNY. Four firefighters were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

A firefighter surveys the burnt out facade of the unused convenience store next to Don Pedro. (Photo: Nick McManus)

Though the fire gutted the empty bodega and an apartment above it, Don Pedro was spared any damage other than fallen ceiling tiles in the back room. The concert had to be canceled and the bar was closed for the night– a case of insult added to injury given that the venue is already slated to close May 6. However, a soundman at the venue said that as of 1am, it had the OK to reopen later today.

Ben, sound man at Don Pedro’s, texting about the venue change from the undamaged bar area. (Photo: Nick McManus)

Local restaurant The Grand, which is owned by former Acheron co-founder Erik Austin, helped out at the last minute and put on the music in their rear dining area. Andrew Meltzer, booker for Scenic Presents, coordinated the bands without a problem and proved to be the night’s unsung hero. Headlining act Mary Todd, who just released their new album Bone Stockwas supported by Tight FrightIron GagGuilt, and Dead Empires, each of whom played tight, abbreviated sets. The crowd that followed these bands stuck around until the 1am finale as The Grand’s staff, who very accommodating to their unexpected guests, cleaned up to a live soundtrack.

Scenic Presents booker Andrew Meltzer (second from right) with band Tight Fright outside The Grand while the bands switched venues. (Photo: Nick McManus)

At the end of the night Ben, the venue’s soundman, came over from Don Pedro to let Andrew know how everything turned out there. When I heard that they were going to try to reopen later today I immediately asked if they were for real. Ben could only say, “I hope so.”

Headlining band Mary Todd with their audience at the conclusion of their 4/20 showcase at The Grand. (Photo: Nick McManus)

Correction: Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article noted that Don Pedro is located in Greenpoint. The bar is based in Williamsburg.