It’s been just about a year since Fontana’s left Eldridge Street, but tonight a newcomer steps in to fill the void. The Flower Shop is a 3,600-square-foot, bilevel endeavor that resembles a midwestern diner mashed up with a New York hotspot.

The décor here is classic Americana, with odds and ends like a fish tank and a couple of vintage nudes tucked into picture frames. In the ground-floor restaurant, you can order fried chicken with curry sauce, a 12 oz. ribeye, or a cheeseburger with black garlic mayo. The bar serves up cocktails like an old-fashioned made with cardamom-infused bourbon and a vodka-cranberry drink served with a dried rose.

Downstairs is where the party’s really at. The lower level can only be described as a seriously authentic man cave, complete with a pool table, jukebox, another bar, and a pink double-sided fireplace. “We wanted the downstairs to feel like a bar or pub, but also like someone’s basement,” said Dylan Hales, a co-owner who is also partner in the Randolph bars. (Among his partners in this endeavor are William Tisch and Dave Turner, both of whom were previously with the company that owns Dirty French, Parm, and others. William’s father Steve Tisch, owner of the New York Giants, is said to be an investor along with Tony Hawk.)

Plush orange carpeting definitely gives the place a relaxing vibe that’ll resonate with anyone who grew up in the suburbs stealing bottles out of dad’s liquor cabinet and playing pool while rocking out to Pearl Jam. This is good ol’ American fun with just a touch of beef tartare and smoked celery root. You can peep the rest of the menu here.

The Flower Shop, 107 Eldridge St., 212-257-4072.