Lady Pills (Photo via PopGun Presents/ Facebook)

Lady Pills, Dead Stars, RIPS, Monograms
Wednesday March 15, 8 pm at Trans-Pecos: $10 

Another one of our own bit the dust– say it with me: RIP Shea Stadium. Now what? Get out there and keep supporting DIY venues across the city. And yes, that also goes for homegrown spots that just happen to be certified-legit, grown-up, and now pleasant after years of hard and risky work– never forget that these dudes are threatened by the looming, apparently totally arbitrary powers that be.

Of course, you’d be going to places like Trans-Pecos anyway, right? Even when there’s anywhere from 6 inches to 50 feet of snow on the ground right now, depending on plow spray and how dumb your car-driving neighbors are. Dudes, take it from this Midwest-spawned snowflake, kitty litter under the tires gets you outta that mess every time– not slamming on the gas! The ladies of Lady Pills could probably tell you the same thing, being from Boston and all. Actually, I’m totally guessing– never been to Boston.

Aren’t you sick of all-boy punk band and uber-masculine rock bands and just boys in general? If you answered yes, yes, and yes then Lady Pills are the perfect prescription for your illness. If you answered, wtf, no, and “What’s your problem?”, pick up a liter of whiskey (strong, like Wild Turkey 101 or something), pop a full bottle of Lady Pills, and try and exercise your right to guess which amendment, and see how that works out for you why dontcha?

(Photo by Estelle Hanania, 2015, via Tinnitus/ Le Poisson Rouge/ Facebook)

Tinnitus and Le Poisson Rouge Present: Sunn O))) and Big Brave
Friday March 17,  8 pm to 11:55 pm at Knockdown Center: $30 advance/ $35 day of show

Tinnitus is back. And look, they’ve got a bunch of menfolk enacting some volklore fantasy that entails wearing hooded cloaks and presumably taking to the stage shrouded in darkness, clutching solid wood, hand-widdled somethings, then forming a semicircle so that each member is within perfectly-angled view of one another’s… musical instruments. (Duh! That’s what those blocky ol’ tools were.) Eventually, the brethren will pull their respective triggers, releasing an explosion of tiny “son oooooos” into the atmosphere and releasing all that pent-up creative-genius energy the only way Sunn O))) know how. Sorry if that’s a bit off the mark, must need more of my Lady Pills (see above).

For real, though, setting aside the infuriating Noize Boyz 2 Not-Men tropes, these Sunn bras are actually pretty sick nasty. It takes serious commitment to make drone as epic as this, and sludgy-as-mud, brown-tinged black metal of this magnitude. As they well should be capable of doing after 21 years aboard their space-ship to Mars (aka Seattle). Thankfully the band has rethought that last bit and most recently they made their way to Moscow for a recording sesh and came out with an new album, CAHHO))) that’s rendered entirely in cyrillic (and some of it in actual Russian, too). Let me tell you one thing, Putin is definitely not amused by 17-minute-plus tracks that could be the sound of your dishwasher running with a fork stuck in the rotor. Seriously, what an enigma this guy is.

(Flyer via Weird Omen)

Weird Omen, Ryne Ziemba, Holy Tunics
Saturday March 18, 8 pm at Alphaville: $10 advance/ $12 at the door

You know that old phrase? When America sneezes, the Euro-zone catches cold? That usually applies to issues of the economy, aka the invisible hand, aka Rex Tillerson’s change purse, aka Paul Ryan tickling Warren Buffet’s butthole with a feather whilst getting his own ears licked by a super-buff, professional Adam Smith-lookalike who– sorry, is just so used to doing this thing in diapers that he“can’t possibly wear a Badgers sweatshirt no matter how much Pauly Pants begs me.” But concedes that “$100 is money” and “money talks,” so Faux Adam Smith has no problem reading the American Health Care Act in its entirety, and pausing only to tell Mr. Speaker-of-the-House, “You are basically Jake Gyllenhaal, only way smarter, and with way more natural raven hair.”

Where were we? Oh right, so Europe is about to go down the toilet too. Possibly. Maybe. If Marine Le Pen wins France, then yeah most likely. So it’s not so surprising that, like many poor souls here in America, the dudes of Weird Omen would rather be anywhere else but France, which is where this psychedelic surf-rock band is from. Though figuring out exactly where they have gone, is a bit like making your way through an entire Where’s Waldo? book (more like Waldo, Where the Effing F is Waldo that F-UGHHH?)– which stokes a feeling that was also, maybe part-inspiration for the band’s mysterioso name. Unclear. Judging by their sound, it’s possible imagining these guys in Austin, Texas circa 2008, or perhaps flopping around a kiddie pool shared by skinny Ty Segall around the same time, or fast-forward to present day and it’s easy to picture them on DJ French Fry’s Spotify playlist for the Tri-Delts’ annual 1969 party, or maybe…. at Alphaville this Saturday night. Yeah that’s the one!

(Photo via Sneaks/ Facebook)

Sneaks, The Wants, Lily K and the Horn Horse, Future Punx DJ set 
Saturday March 25, 8 pm at Alphaville: $10

My friend was totally right about Sneaks– ESG vibes all the way. There’s just something about the combination of girls (or in this case girl), drums, and bass that’s so deliciously… vibrational. Eva Moolchan is the brains and brawn behind Sneaks, a fantastic funksploiration of deconstructed rock and solo-sonic potential. (Moolchan has a few moments of help with drums and rhythm–but not many.)

Sneaks certainly screams ESG, but those classic influences are born brand new into the inescapable reality of our current obsession with electronic sounds. It might take some getting used to for the totally uninitiated, but whatever driving force is propelling Moolchan’s own commitment to keep dancing is a pretty great thing to aspire to with her music. “Even if it’s a weird rhythm, it’s still a rhythm. You’re still moving,” she said in a recent interview. Take a note, so even if you find yourself at this Sneaks show, stuttering a bit with your moves– still figuring out how best to crack your hip and whether or not to dip your butt or dab– just keep grooving.

Keep an eye on The Wants— this seriously talented group of guys n’ gals (other projects include ONWE, Total Slacker, Day Dress) are gonna sneak up on us with some recorded tracks one of these days. You’ll see! Another set’s on the bill from Lily K and the whack job(s) of Horn Horse who sound like Jerry Paper on… lots of paper, and a no-doubt funky-fresh electro-sesh from Future Punx‘s parallel night-life doing DJ sets.