Looks like throwback anti-Trump comics are officially a thing.

At the Spring/Break show earlier this month, Mr. Vinyl’s pop-art series, The Cisco Kid Vs. Donald Trump, paired Trump takedowns with images pulled from the 1950s comic strip. Tonight at The Living Gallery, “Pussy Grabs Back: A Night of Anti-Trump Comics” will feature the work of Christine Stoddard, a self-proclaimed “fairy punk” who pairs anti-Trump sentiment with fairy tales.

We’ve reprinted some images from Christine’s “Forget Fairytales” collection. As you can see, the artist plops bluntly honest speech bubbles atop eerily innocent faces, letting their anti-Trump id run wild.

Christine is also the creator of Quail Bell Magazine, a women-run literature and arts magazine for “compassionate fairy punks who are citizens of the world.”

“We are not attempting to produce a magazine that is purely literary or purely journalistic,” Christine writes on her site, “But, rather, somewhere in between for results that are inspiring and informative.” The magazine publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, images, videos, and more, and “value[s] the arts, history, folklore, and other oddities often not mentioned in mainstream magazines.”

The gallery will open tonight at 6pm and at 8pm there will be some readings from Quail by fellow Brooklyn contributors Mari Pack, Kaylin Kaupish, and Miranda C. Dennis.

A percentage of the art sales at the exhibit tonight will go to El Puente, a Williamsburg-based organization that “promotes leadership for peace and justice through the engagement of members (youth and adult) in the arts, education, scientific research, wellness and environmental action.” The non-profit receives funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, an organization that may soon find itself on the chopping block thanks to Trump’s recent budget plan.

The Living Gallery, 1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221