Dog Parker Lifestyle 2

Let’s face it. Your dog is sick of being chained up outside of coffee shops. Sick of being left out in the cold, fastened to a light post to stare through the window as you consider buying a scone. Your dog didn’t sign up for your caffeine dependence.

Todd and Winston

Thanks to a sort of doggie capsule hotel coming to The Bean’s Bedford Avenue location this weekend, Williamsburg’s canines can now wait for their owners in style. The Dog Parker is a dog-sized, thermo-controlled house that began popping up outside of businesses in Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Fort Greene in November.

Dog Parker in the snow with Maly

Operated by an iPhone or Android app, it comes complete with a UV scanner that kills bacteria or mold and a camera, so you can spy on your dog from your phone while you shop. Seriously, this is a real thing— a spokesperson tells us that 1,000 minutes have been logged inside of the high-class doghouses since they launched, and they’re eventually coming to Manhattan. The city is getting more dog-friendly by the minute.

Puppycam Still of Bella Inside a Dog Parker

For a $25 yearly fee and 20 cents per minute, heat and wifi included, your dog’s living conditions can be better than yours. Just note that there’s a 90-minute limit, so don’t plan to leave Rover shacked up while you catch the latest Paul Thomas Anderson movie. Also, the canine crib won’t accommodate bigger breeds like Great Danes– they’ll still have to hear those sad strains of “No Dogs Allowed.”