Finding it difficult to get things done while your roommate head-bangs to Beyonce? Drowning under a pile of your own dirty laundry? Pourt is hoping to help.


(Photos: Sam Patwell)

Started by Mike Kruszewski and Matt Tervooren, Pourt is a new coffee bar and workspace where you can sit back and relax with a book or hold a video conference for your freelance gig while pounding bottomless shots of espresso. IMG_7147

For just $7 an hour, customers can rent a spot at a table and never worry about losing it if they go to the bathroom. An extra $2.99 buys access to unlimited coffee, espresso, or tea. The workspace comes with fiber optic internet, personal outlets, a color printer, and a nice office chair.


If you don’t have the time or desire to sit at a table for an hour, Pourt is also just a regular cafe offering Intelligentsia coffee, Amy’s Bread sandwiches, Tompkins Square Bagels, and Liquiteria juices, all of which can be enjoyed from the stools in the separate cafe room just inside the front doors.


Developed in collaboration with Emporium Design, the bright wooden space has high ceilings and sparse walls that help keep it from being too claustrophobic. “The vibe we wanted was clean, sharp corners but we also wanted to keep a semblance of ‘cool East Village’,” Matt Tervooren said of the place. “We have a kind of industrial feel…nice but not corporate.”


Pourt is still finishing up construction so if you’d like to try the coffee feel free to stop by now, but if you’re interested in coworking space you may need to wait until next week. In the meantime, head to its website, reserve a spot and check out the menu.

Pourt, 200 E 6th St; Open from 7AM to Midnight