(Photo: Michael Garofalo)

(Photo: Michael Garofalo)

If you’ve got a taste for luxury living, Jewish culture, and several million dollars to burn, you might be interested in purchasing one of the three new condominiums recently built inside a historic East Village synagogue. The Anshei Meseritz synagogue, on 6th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A, has been the home of an Orthodox congregation since 1910, but it will soon also host condo residents on the newly renovated upper floors. 

The synagogue’s small group of worshippers struggled with financial difficulties in recent years, and reached a deal with developer East River Partners to help save the building and keep the congregation in its longtime home. The arrangement gave the congregation a refurbished synagogue space on the ground floor and basement level, and permitted the developer to renovate the floors above as luxury condos.

IMG_0554Two of the three condos are within the original synagogue; the penthouse duplex is a partial addition on top of the building, Ari Harkov, the real estate agent selling the units, explained.

The grand copper doors at the building’s main entrance are no longer in use. Residents will enter through a street-level doorway on the building’s left and use a keyed elevator that opens directly into the units. Congregants will use a separate entrance on the right side of the building.

The synagogue became the subject of controversy in 2008, after an earlier plan drafted by a different developer called for the building’s demolition, spurring a conservation battle. The building received historic designation in 2012; East Village Partners’ development plan allowed for the preservation of the building’s neoclassical facade and the restoration of original features, such as the stained glass windows.

IMG_0530The windows, some of which feature Stars of David, are visible from within the two lower units. The penthouse doesn’t display any inward signs of the building’s Jewish history, but it does feature two outdoor terraces, including a sizeable patio in the back.

The two-bedroom third-floor unit is currently listed for $2,995,000. Official asking prices for the two-bedroom second floor and three-bedroom penthouse units haven’t been released yet, but Harkov said that the listings would likely be for around $3 million and $4.4 million, respectively.

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