The great holiday plague/party SantaCon hit town once again on Saturday, as thousands of festively-dressed bar crawlers descended on the East Village and gleefully got loud and sloppy.

The annual event began at the Flatiron this year, with the good cheer flowing freely at 10 am. From thence the Santa scattered, to the area around Penn Station, to Gramercy, and, perhaps most of all, to the usual drinking destinations in the rowdiest parts of the East Village. Webster Hall, Village Pourhouse, Solas, 13th Step, Thirsty Scholar, Professor Thoms… you know the drill.

The NYPD was out in force, a significantly larger presence than in years past, with teams of officers stationed outside most of the SantaCon-official bars and a fleet of patrol vehicles doing nonstop loops around the neighborhood. The threatened anti-SantaCon protest never really materialized, probably because the apparent leader of the “movement” was led away in cuffs at the Flatiron, Trump hat and all, after harassing Santas with a megaphone.