(flyer courtesy of Erin Davis and Max C. Lee)

(flyer courtesy of Erin Davis and Max C. Lee)

If your blood hasn’t stopped boiling since last Tuesday, a weekend art show could be a chance to find some semblance of catharsis. This Saturday, the fifth iteration of the RE: Art Show opens, once again taking over a portion of the old Pfizer Building at 630 Flushing in Bed-Stuy. Last month’s edition of the show featured the celebrated group exhibit Fatter IRLThis month’s Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: will take place in an area of the building that perhaps most reflects the state of affairs in this country, as it appears to be in shambles. A press release states the gallery area will be a “large, open, unfinished space with chipped paint, exposed wiring, and fire alarm components dangling from the ceiling.” May we try our best to hang on to the “unfinished” aspect of that to give us a kernel of hope to keep on going. Call your senators!

In this unique show, artists also have a special breed of agency: they’re able to “change, replace, and develop” their works on view as the show progresses, turning what would otherwise be a static art exhibit into a living, breathing thing that makes you want to return, even after you’ve dutifully attended the opening reception.

At the opening of Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:, there will be a special program entitled RE:GROUP beginning at 7 pm, featuring performances, readings, and other live works that have been created as a response to the presidential election. The performances will be scattered throughout the evening and throughout the space. Some will have a more defined set time, others amorphous and durational. Announced performers include drag/harsh noise performer Reagan Holiday, mixed media artist Fana Feng, photographer and performance artist Dana Davenport, and performance artist Georgia Lale.

“Re:GROUP started as an open call announced two days after the election,” the show’s co-curator Max C. Lee told me. “We had planned our show like normal beforehand but found that we couldn’t ignore what everyone was feeling. We were also inspired by many other art spaces around NYC who were hosting events to help process the election. At the very least, in the wake of such an awful convergence of systemic injustices, a large chunk of the art world has proven to be concerned and supportive – we felt the need to do the same.”

Beginning at 9 pm, attendees will have a chance to join in on the action. Anyone who wishes to take the stage and perform or begin a discussion can do so. The curators explain that this will be fairly free-form, and they “encourage disruption.”

If you’re looking to create but aren’t interested in taking to the mic and/or wandering through exposed wires, The Living Gallery in Bushwick is also conducting an open call for artworks that respond to the election. They have one constraint: “Please no hate.” The initiative, helmed by Anna Kosovsky, will be opening on December 6 and will also feature a timeslot for poetry and music performances as well as a coat drive. Art submissions are being accepted until December 4.

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: opens Saturday, November 19 at 630 Flushing Avenue, 5th floor, 6 pm to 10 pm. On view through December 10.