Police released a photo of the teenage boy who threatened to shoot or stab three people on the Lower East Side between November 14 and 17, making off with a combined $21 cash. [DNA Info]

A 79-year-old saxophonist claims his landlord planted bedbugs in his $380/month East Village apartment. [NY Post]

According to a study by the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development, only about 40 percent of New Yorkers have three months worth of household expenses saved in case of an emergency. [DNA Info]

Williamsburg’s former Domino Sugar Factory will begin accepting applications today for 104 units of affordable housing, renting for between $596/month and $979/month. [DNA Info]

Tonight, Greenpoint live music venue Sunnyvale will host a Planned Parenthood benefit ($10/person), while Bar Matchless in Williamsburg will host another one tomorrow (suggested donation). [Greenpointers]

Weeks after losing its Williamsburg sibling, Black Bear Bear, a rent increase claimed beloved Bushwick bar Lone Wolf, which shuttered suddenly on Halloween. [Bushwick Daily]

Roxanne Jackson, a Bushwick-based ceramics artist, co-created a three-day art show happening this January where “Nasty Women” will exhibit their work. [Brooklyn]

Meet Kat Shuford, who oversees her outerwear company, Catbat Capes, in Bushwick. [Bushwick Daily]

The 2017 Zagat Guide bestowed the best donut shop in New York title to 55-year-old Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop on Manhattan Avenue. [Greenpointers]