It’s officially holiday season, which means yurts, Nostalgia Trains, and one of the greatest Christmas flicks of all-time. Sadly, Nitehawk’s brunch-time screenings of Home Alone are both sold out, but this year you can celebrate your Home Alone obsession (no shame) in a whole new way. A musical parody of the film is opening at the Peoples Improv Theater this Thursday.


(Photo: Lanie Zipoy)

KEVIN!!!!! comes to us courtesy of Recent Cutbacks, the theater company behind Hold On To Your Buttsa low-budget, two-man remake of Jurassic Park. This time around, they’re celebrating Home Alone with live projections, puppets, and a four-person choir. The “shot-for-shot” adaptation, featuring a puppet Kevin that’s almost as adorable as these Home Alone bobble heads, harkens back to a simpler time, before Macaulay Culkin became Adam Green’s muse and frontman of the Pizza Underground. Trust: this is the perfect way to sit back and laugh after a Home Alone 2 walking tour.

So what exactly would a Home Alone puppet musical entail? Well, there will definitely be some epic holiday-themed harmonizing.

We can only hope there won’t be a Trump cameo (yes, that was the second film, but he tends to show up in unwanted places). Bonus points if there’s a cardboard cutout of Michael Jordan, or if the puppet to lip-syncs to “White Christmas.” But please, no tarantulas.

Catch KEVIN!!!!! at the Peoples Improv Theater (123 E. 24th St.) starting this Thursday, Dec. 1, through Jan. 7. Tickets are $20, or $15 during opening week.


(Photo: Lanie Zipoy)