Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 3.18.43 PMThis afternoon, you’ll have the chance to head to South Williamsburg and score vintage clothes from hot brands like Acne, Birkenstock, and Alexander McQueen. Before you start to go on about how empty your wallet is and how high the prices must be, please refrain. All of these will be absolutely free of charge.

How is this possible, you ask? The pop-up is the product of Scandicandy, a group of students studying “experience and event design” at Oslo’s Westerdals school. The group’s mission is to “bring the lifestyle of Scandinavia to the streets of Brooklyn.”

The pop-up is a part of their “exam in international event management,” and marks their first foray into unique Brooklyn events, though they’ve done several back in Norway. They didn’t have an extravagant budget for this project, but were able to assemble a mighty collection of stylish pieces through donations from family and friends, and advertised by using a simple coat hanger logo and leaving flyers attached to hangers in places like subway poles, fences, and even trees.

(image courtesy of Scandicandy)

The pop-up will be taking place near the waterfront on South 8th Street between Berry and Wythe, at a rented storefront space the group found through an “online marketplace” for creative spaces called Peerspace.

But don’t go running through those doors expecting clothes to just be handed to you. In order to be granted the free duds of your choice, the folks at Scandicandy request that you direct yourself to the band Chain Wallet, a bouncy dream-poppy trio based in Norway. To earn your stripes (or solids) either like the band on Facebook, post an Instagram of the event and tag the band (@chainwalletband), or add one of their songs to a Spotify playlist. The third option is probably easiest, especially considering their music is certainly pleasing to the ear. I’ve listened to their single like three times over the course of writing this. Their self-titled album is being released tomorrow (October 7), and attendees of the pop-up shop will be able to hear the album played in full a day ahead of time.

Scandicandy’s vintage pop-up is today from 4 pm to 7 pm at 86 South 8th Street in Williamsburg. Follow them on Instagram at @scandinavianvintagenyc.

Update, October 6: The original version of this post was revised to clarify that all requests to engage with the band Chain Wallet on social media come from Scandicandy, and the event is not officially connected to or partnered with the band.