It was a tough summer for Brooklyn’s DIY scene. There was the sudden shutdown of Palisades, followed by the closure of DIY-gone-legit venue the Acheron; then we lost Secret Project Robot, and soon enough, we’ll be saying RIP Aviv. The troubling number of ousters makes the latest news all the more welcome: Trans-Pecos, last night, announced that a new “annex” is on the way.

There are just a couple hints as to what the Ridgewood venue’s new space, which they’re calling Juarez, might look like. A fuzzy photo posted to Instagram and Twitter depicts a basement-level space that looks perfectly fit for their late-night dance parties, which have been picking up speed in the last year or so. There appears to be a readymade bar, perhaps a tiki-style drink hut complete with wine glass hangers (classy).

The announcement posts say that Juarez is “coming soon” and judging by the care that’s been put into Trans-Pecos proper, we’re guessing there are still some renovations to take care of since the space looks pretty plain. But who knows– bland office-style paneled drop ceilings are kind of in right now, aren’t they?

The good news about Juarez follows a few more super chill developments for anyone who, uh, likes live music and lives in or around Brooklyn. First there was the appearance of The Glove, another DIY venue from the people who brought you Bohemian Grove. And in September, DNAinfo reported that John Barclay of Bossa Nova Civic Club is laying the groundwork for a new club, a “1,300-person concert hall” at 198 Randolph Street in East Williamsburg. (Guess that means he has more time since leaving Juno, the fancy diner/ “date spot” he part-owned and operated in Bushwick.)

The new Bossa sister club and the Trans-Pecos annex are still a little ways off, but both are definitely something to look forward to as the hellish, nihilistic vortex of winter approaches and turns each one of our souls into shriveled lumps of coal.

We reached out to Sam Hillmer, aka Diamond Terrifier, who runs Trans-Pecos with Brooklyn’s DIY powerhouse Todd Patrick, for more details about Juarez and in hopes that we’ll have a new place to escape to before crippling seasonal depression strikes. Unfortunately Hillmer said they’re not quite ready for press. Stay tuned for more information come November.