(Photos: Scott Lynch)

The best party of the year has now already happened– sorry, everybody who didn’t make it to Bike Kill on Saturday. Organized once again by the Black Label Bicycle Club, the October tradition continued for the 13th year with all of the usual crazy stunts, freaky mutant bikes, loud music, dumb-ass costumes, vast amounts of booze, and tons of glorious mayhem.

This year Bike Kill was held inside an enormous warehouse on Morgan Avenue, which made it extra loud, smoky, and chaotic. Live bands, including the always-phenomenal Unstoppable Death Machines, played full sets as the partygoers went around in circles on their insane vehicles, crashing into towers of plastic barrels and each other. Human Bowling, Bike Jousting, and Six Pack Race were just some of the “organized” activities. A fantastic, almost animatronic sculptural piece by Robin Frohardt, called Dumpster Monster, also provided entertainment.

(Photos: Scott Lynch)

As always, filthy pitas whizzed through the air, and firecrackers and bottle rockets added to the giddy pandemonium. There was an outdoor alleyway where lots of folks congregated as well–a swimming pool, of all things, was also out there–and overall it was almost certainly the most heavily attended Bike Kill ever.

That it was all on private property instead of the public street as in years past meant that the NYPD was not a factor in the festivities, though in a dick move there were officers lurking a few blocks away, ticketing cyclists for infractions like going against traffic.

Click through our slideshow to see what went down.