Shane Shane

Have you ever gone to a performance and wished you could straight up tell whoever’s on stage what to do? Like, without getting kicked out?

Outré cabaret musician Shane Shane and special guest Josh Sharp (one of Vulture’s “comedians to know”) will be doing whatever you want them to do at “Tonight’s Special,” which occurs the first Tuesday of every month at Sid Gold’s Request Room starting November 1.

Here’s how it works: when you arrive, you’ll be given a menu of jokes, stories, songs, and video pieces, and for an hour, you’ll be able to order off it. Call it performance on demand. The “choose your own adventure” show is followed by live piano karaoke, so save your urge to be loud and drunkenly sing cabaret music until then.

If you’re familiar with Shane Shane, you know this won’t be your typical variety show. In 2013, he hosted a series of monthly “dance parties with a bent for performance art” in his friend’s basement, called the Hose. At the time, he told us to expect “really silly gay dance songs” and poppers. Yes, poppers. No clue whether they’ll be floating around at Sid Gold’s Request Room, but now that Manhattan Inn is closing, this is probably your best bet for piano karaoke.

Entry is $5 with a one drink minimum. The show starts at 8 p.m.