(Photo: Scott Lynch)

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Hundreds of dressed-up doggies descended upon Tompkins Square Park on Saturday for the 26th annual Halloween Dog Parade, and it was an adorable sight to behold.

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

For the first time ever this year the festivities moved from the dog run (which, however appropriate, had long ago become way too cramped for this hugely popular event) to the much more spacious and open basketball courts/skate-kid area. The park was still packed–the bit of rain we got, and looming threat of deluge, seemed to have little impact on the crowds–but it was much easier for both dogs and humans to wander and interact and see all of the best, most elaborate handmade costumes.

There were a dozen Trump and Hillary canine impersonators.

Dogald Trump – "Grab 'em by the " #makeamericabarkagain #protectyourpussy #tompkinssquarehalloweendogparade

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Dogs cosplaying Trump & Hillary lol #howloween

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And several Ken Bones, no punny play on the name needed. Games of Bones was a popular theme, Star Wars and Harry Potter endure as favorites, and Eleven from Stranger Things popped up here and there. Several Princes, a pair of Run DMCs, and two Wayne and Garth human/puppy collabs were spotted.

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

(Photo: Scott Lynch)


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It's too bad my parents are not this creative #GameOfBones #WinterIsComing #Howloween #TompkinsSquareHalloweenDogParade

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NY Yankee Dog, one of many participants with an astonishingly large social media presence, came as Jason from Friday the 13th.

Jason Vorheel #halloweendogparade

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Lobsters, prisoners, tacos, superheroes, and sushi were all amply represented.

Thousands of dollars are up for grabs each year, courtesy of corporate sponsor Purina Beggin’. The biggest prize winners were “The Sweet Shop” candy counter doggies and humans Diana Lucci and Lynn Consovoy.

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

They edged out the “Astronauts and Aliens” float from the Dallas, Texas, crew who won last year.

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Really, it’s tough to overstate the giddy joy caused by the costumed canines shown below. As one young women squeeed to her friend: “This is the best thing I’ve ever done in New York City!”

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Dogwarts express? #halloweendogparade

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Sheepdog #halloweendogparade

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#Halloween . . We are Liberace and Scott Thorson from the film Behind The Candelabra. . . . . . .

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Swing batter batter batter swing! #nycdogs

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Making friends at #tompkinssquarehalloweendogparade ❤️#adoptdontshop #dogsofinsta

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You guys #dogparade

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Never know what you'll find in this incredible city.

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Mopping away the competition.

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Who you gonna call? #tompkinssquarepark #halloween #instadog #ghostbusters #howloween

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