(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Martha’s Country Bakery, a local Queens-based baked goods store and coffee shop with locations in Astoria, Bayside, and Forest Hills, has just opened their first Brooklyn location on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. According to the shop’s Facebook page, they opened their doors just yesterday, on October 3. That’s right—while you were reveling in the same Mean Girls quote for yet another year, you could have been shoveling in some serious chocolate mousse cake.

In a neighborhood where trendy “artisanal” spots are easily found a dime a dozen (even if you’re not looking for them), Martha’s brings a certain home-grown coziness to the area. Rather than offering the newest novelty confection sure to be splayed across Instagram for weeks, they focus on the sort of sweet stuff that makes you yearn for simpler times: think apple pies, hot coffee, pumpkin cheesecake. In addition to pies and cakes, they’ll also be serving up an array of gelato flavors, cupcakes, macarons, pastries, milkshakes, and what seems to be many more sugary creations, including an entire wall of cookies. Glass cases packed with desserts line almost every wall and counter, sure to be perilous for the indecisive and paradise for the large-stomached.

(photo via Martha

(photo via Martha’s Country Bakery / Facebook)

As it begins to get chillier, a place like Martha’s seems like a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Williamsburg. They bake all their products on-site, and despite opening just one day ago they’ve already netted three glowing Yelp reviews from folk who seem positively tickled to have such fresh sweets available off the L train. It’s not as if they stick out like a rustic sore thumb in the midst of the hip moderism that pervades the area; in addition to brick columns and picnic table-esque areas, they’ve got a rather futuristic-looking metal coffee counter, as well as a decent amount of outdoor seating for when the crowds inevitably flock. Something for everyone?

They’re currently running a breakfast special: from 6 am to 11 am you can get coffee or tea with any breakfast pastry for a total of $3.95. Kudos to them for not only including the extra-early risers.

“This spot is making it difficult to stick with my diet, but no need to worry, I will do more cardio,” one Yelper proclaims, boasting a heavily-muscled profile photo. If only we all had such discipline.

Martha’s Country Bakery is located at 263 Bedford Avenue between N 1st Street and Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg.