(Flyer via Shea Stadium)

(Flyer via Shea Stadium)

Oozing Wound, Electric Hawk, PC Worship, Shimmer
Wednesday October 19, 8 pm at Shea Stadium: $10

The Chicago-based band Oozing Wound are joining local shitar player Justine Frye and whoever’s contributing to his weird-folk drone setup PC Worship at the moment– who, by the way, seem due for some new material soonish, no? Their 2015 record, Basement Hysteria has been in the heavy rotation pile for a while, but then again Frye was busy playing in Glenn Branca’s orchestra not un-recently and I still get that buzzy tinnitus feeling in my ears when I think about the experience. Listen up, though– at this show, we wouldn’t be surprised if you heard some new material.

Back to these visitors, Mr., Mr., and Mr. Oozing Wound declare themselves “three dudes with the desire to slay.” And slay they do. Expect blackened stoner metal infused with a slacker vibe.

Electric Hawk, on the other hand, dwell in more traditional metal realms. Despite their Hawkwind-esque name and imagery, these guys are not so much space rock as they are proggy traditionalists.

Shimmer are a little more resistant to existing music labels, and I dunno if the word “music” even applies to them– I think they’re aiming more for “experience” (see for yourself in the video).

(Flyer via Park Church Co-Op)

(Flyer via Park Church Co-Op)

Mary Lattimore, Autowreck, A. Payne, Sweet Baby Jesus
Wednesday October 19, 8 pm at the Park Church Co-Op: $10 at the door

Hey–it’s a rock n’ roll show inside a church… not a dead church or an ex-church or a half-church or a former church, but a living church. Apparently the Park Church Co-Op is pretty open when it comes to their “community-center ministry dedicated to offering local people a place to explore what they are passionate about.” We’re not sure what that means in terms of devotional arrangements, but they’ve gotta be chillers if the “post-dad rock” band Sweet Baby Jesus is allowed through the door. Pshhhh, blasphemy schamfsmemy.

It’s a real mixed bag of a show, with the ethereal sounds of Mary Lattimore on harp and vocals, and Autowreckan old-school thrash outfit, keeping the spirit of Lemmy (RIP!) alive and well. Talk about competing gods (“Lemmy is GOD, man!”)  The latter’s gonna be a real ripper coz they’re not just holding a candle to the old dude, but lighting a dang bonfire with drums and guitars and a will to menace.

(Flyer via Navy Gangs)

(Flyer via Navy Gangs)

Navy Gangs Take Berlin III: with Johnny Couch, Plain Dog, Bodega
Thursday October 20, 8 pm at Berlin: $9

Navy Gangs and friends are bringing their emotive sweetheart rock to Berlin this week. And trust– even if you’re feeling the weight of the impending seasonal shift toward the bottomless hell pit that is winter, but especially if you’re mending a recently broken blood throbber and the idea of going out just seems to gross/ lame right now, theirs is the kind of music that helps remind you that you’re not entirely alone.

So cling on to the nearest slightly tolerable person and sing along:

“I’m indecisive
I fucking hate you no I don’t
not sure if I love you
but I don’t ever want to be alone again.”

(Flyer via Baby's All Right/ Carsick Cars)

(Flyer via Baby’s All Right/ Carsick Cars)

Carsick Cars, Chui Wan, Alpine Decline
Friday October 21, 6 pm at Baby’s All Right: $10

When a band described themselves as “perhaps China’s best indie band,” no one could blame you for being a little reluctant to see them play. But we’ll give the Carsick Cars the benefit of the doubt because somehow they manage to breath new life into “indie,” which has become a pretty reluctant genre– if you could even call it that.

If you fear that something else might be lost in translation, hold on to Alpine Decline–a band from Los Angeles that picked up and moved the Beijing, which has become the inspiration for their music “a love/hate letter to their adopted home.”

They’re joined by Chui Wan– an electro-experimental outfit that I’d like to call Krautrock by way of Beijing. They round out a very exciting lineup indeed for those interested in keeping up with what’s happening beyond Donald Trump’s impending wall.