Love Spread performing at Aviv (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Love Spread performing at Aviv (Photo: Nicole Disser)

It’s quite fitting that the end of Aviv as we know it falls on Halloween. I mean, what’s scarier than having to move in New York City? 

When the Grim Reaper lands at the Greenpoint venue’s doorstep, ready for some death knell ringing, he’ll probably be wearing some sort of festive costume–because nobody, not even Death himself, wants to be that dude at a Halloween party. But don’t be too frightened– Aviv’s co-founder Stuart Solomon told us in September that he and his venue partners are already looking for a new location. So this isn’t so much “death” as it is “going to heaven to live an everlasting life.”

If you have a morbid curiosity about the whole process, though, we encourage you to keep an eye out for the Reaper Man. You’ll know him by his hunched posture, all black attire, vacant expression and inability to make eye contact– oh wait, that’s a good description for every guy at a Brooklyn DIY show. Heh, so maybe it won’t be so easy spotting Death, but we’ve made it exceedingly simple to see every one of Aviv’s final shows, which were just announced this afternoon via email from the venue. Get ready for a whole lotta “bangers.”

Friday October 7Bearcat, Scraaatch, Shyboi, Venus X, 10 pm to 4 am: $13 cash only at the door

Saturday October 8

Early show: ABC No Rio in Exile at Aviv, Part 1: Red Arkade, Learning Curve, Rebuschaos, Material Support

Late show: JJ Doll, Exotica, Yung Mayne, Ezrakh, DJ Guy

Monday October 10- Slingshot Dakota, Kississippi, Fern Mayo

Tuesday October 11- Blast, Preme The God, J Yard, Ramona Lang, Young Ye, Abso, An Capone, Sky Suprano, Jackie Lain

Wednesday October 12 – Zenizen, Salt Cathedral, Madison McFerrin, Bae Bro 

Thursday October 13 – Paula Mejia’s Psychocandy 33 1/3 Book Release Party: Big Ups, Greys, Patio, Yucky Duster

Wednesday October 19 – Teen Body, more TBA

Thursday October 20 – Iron Chic, Greensleep 

Saturday October 22King Dude, Destroying Angel

Sunday October 23top secret headliner TBA, Krimewatch, Death Vacation, Glory

Monday October 24- Sunrot, Dutchguts, Sergeon, Devoidov, Somnuri

Tuesday October 25 – Lay New York to Rest: Trenchgrinder, Pyrolatrous, Subversive Rites

Wednesday October 26 – Shea Stadium Presents: secret headliner TBA, Surprise Intruders, Stringer, Museum of Recycling at 8 pm: $10

Thursday October 27 – Painted Zeros,  Turnip King, Bambara, more TBA

Friday October 28Culture Whore Presents: CryptKeepers

Saturday October 29 – Yonaton Gat, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, and more TBA

Sunday October 30 – secret headliner TBA, Parlor Walls, Thick, Vowws

Monday October 31– FINAL SHOW:Show Me The Body Halloween Party