(Photo: Summer Fling)

(Flyer via Summer Fling)

Summer Fling
Thursday August 25, 9 pm at Union Hall: $10

Hosted by Lacey Jeka and Kristen Buckels (Between Two Bushes), this show is stacked. I mean seriously, you’re telling me that you’ve got Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone– who by the way also host some great shows together— and Brett Davis, the cult-obsessed audience antagonizer, plus a great young man named Gary Richardson, all on the same bill?

Also, the show is only $10? And it’s on a Thursday and at a reasonable hour? Wait, there’s a flyer for it? Uh, yes please. Like, on all accounts. This show might only last one night, but, oh man, what a summer fling it will be.


(Photo: BK Comedy Festival)

(Flyer via Brooklyn Comedy Festival)

Never Seen It
Saturday August 27, 8 pm at Pine Box Rock Shop: $5

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hmmm, Rudy was fine, football and little guys are great and all that, but I wonder how this movie might’ve been different if Space Prince Julio Torres had written it?”

If so, you’re in luck: Never Seen It will show you the greatness that is the movie that could have been, or the movie that actually was and might as well never have been. Part of the Brooklyn Comedy Festival this month, this show assigns famous movies to comedians who have never seen them and asks them to do their best with the rewrite.

Host Kyle Ayers will be tackling Jaws, Anna Drezen is doing The Godfather and, hey, given that the bar for a Batman v. Superman remake is so low, Mike Drucker’s version might actually end up being better than the original. In fact, let it be known that if they rebrand the DCU as Drucker Cinematic Universe, I’ll be taking the credit.

(Photo: Courtesy of Tommy McNamara)

(Photo: Courtesy of Tommy McNamara)

Unplugged With Tommy McNamara 
Saturday August 27, 10:30 p.m. at The Annoyance Theater: $5

If you’re one of those people who just hates comedy—you know, one of those guitar guys who wears black jeans and folds his arms while muttering, “Ugh, I wish I was watching a band right now,” any time someone tells jokes— then this is the show for you.

Comedian Tommy McNamara hosts this semi-regular variety hour at the Annoyance and it features both some great comics and, in his own words, “what happens when I am drunk around a piano at a party.”

That usually means that between sets, McNamara plays a couple covers while doing music-related bits— last month, for example, it meant playing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” while images of McNamara sans-shirt were projected onto a screen behind him.

The lineup this month includes stands ups like Blair Socci and Brendan Eyre and– the not just one but two asterisks next to this name tell you that this is not a joke—Hamilton star and creator Lin Manual Miranda. What a get!

(Photo: via Facebook)

(Flyer via City Reliquary)

Summer Stories: Favorite Places
Saturday August 27, 7 p.m. at The City Reliquary: $5 

Where’s a better place to tell stories from the past than a museum, huh? No place, that’s where. In fact, City Reliquary, being a museum and all, is a building that is completely dedicated to the past, so it just makes sense.

I haven’t asked them and have no way of knowing, but I imagine that the hosts of the storytelling show Summer Stories, which is held at this Williamsburg museum, would 100 percent agree. Comedians Kady Ruth Ashkraft and Alise Morales host this monthly show, which this time is all about “Favorite Places” (uh, sign me up for museums, guys). The lineup for the show on Saturday includes Sudi Green (SNL), Matt Baratts (UCB, the Annoyance), Christi Chiello (Comedy Central), and more.