(Photo: Camilo José Vergara, 1970/Library of Congress)

(Photo: Camilo José Vergara, 1970/Library of Congress)

Soaring temperatures, brunch plans, hangovers of various kinds, cute outfits, and sundry pictures of food and iced beverages: if you had an awesome weekend but didn’t Instagram it for the world to see, then did it really happen? The way we see it– pics or it didn’t happen.

Duh, if you have sweat glands and a nose– then you sure as hell know it was hotter than hot out this weekend. New Yorkers are great at complaining about… well, anything– but certainly about the heat. But the real art of letting people know exactly how hot it was, and what cool things you were doing to beat the heat, is best rendered in a perfectly-captioned Instagram post. Don’t forget to include lots of those “flame” emojis and probably the pistol pointed at a smiley face, just to let everyone know how bonkers it is to spend any more than ten minutes outside your AC bubble.

On the soaring-temperature front, lower Manhattan and north Brooklyn delivered. See our best Instagram finds for that topics that whatever else it was that got everyone’s camera roll going this weekend.

Brooklyn’s #foodporn for the weekend was served up by the Vegan Shop-up at Pine Box Rock Shop. 

On Saturday, the Vegan Shop-Up returned to Pine Box Rock Shop to bring hungry foodies in close proximity to Bushwick the best food this side of no-dead-animals cuisine. This being summertime, there was plenty of good lighting to capture a rainbow of colorful treats, and a minimal use of awkward flash and very few posts with graying, dusty-looking food (Yelp, we’re looking at you).

There were the requisite veggie burgers from Cinnamon Snail:

Here’s another one, in case you haven’t had lunch yet:

Some vegan mac-and-cheese from That’s Cheezy:

Mac & cheeze from @thatscheezy. Poppin off at @veganshopup today.

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And veggies aplenty:

Beat the Heat
The East Village, on the other hand, had just one thing on its mind: beating the heat and looking damn good (or trying too hard? you be the judge) while doing so. Whether that involved iced beverages of various kinds, breezy outfits, or simply photos of the neighborhood baking under the weekend’s merciless sun, the heat was on.

Iced Coffee for the summer heat

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Sometimes emojis are simply the most effective way to express exactly how much you’re currently melting your face off:

Breezy summer outfits were out in full force:

That summertime feeling when you can go braless once in a blue moon Thanks @madewell1937!! #ahhhhhhhh

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And somehow this person’s makeup managed to stay stuck to her face, despite the fact that every other makeup-wearing person in the city suffering from face-melt. What kind of magic filter is that?

Beat the Heat: Brooklyn
While East Villagers were complaining about the soaring temperatures and pulling out their rompers, Bushwickians demonstrated that the best way to keep cool is the old-school way: fire hydrants.

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Stay cool, be cool, look cool:

when new york gets hot, brooklyn gets wet #firehydrantshowers

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Of course, some people cared less about being glam and more about getting ice-blasted in the face:

this guy. ❤ #beattheheat #bearman #bushwick #brooklyn #heatwave

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The Lower East Side honestly just “feels so attacked right now.”
Love-him-or-hate-him artist Baron Von Fancy is at it again with a new specimen of street art on the Lower East Side (find the mural on Allen Street between Delancey and Rivington). The oh-so-Insta-worthy sign that boldly proclaims “Don’t Call Me Baby” obviously became a popular backdrop almost immediately for some basics amateur models over the weekend.

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There were some inevitable Carly Rae Jepsen references in the mix:

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Even the BVF haters couldn’t resist the siren call of the perfect post:

sick of bvf but it still makes for a gram

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