Wednesday With Westerns!
Wednesday August 24, 7 pm at City Reliquary; $7.
The City Reliquary, a tiny, quirky wonderland of a museum, will be the location for this western art party this evening. Gallop amongst NYC memorabilia, but don’t get too distracted, as there will be plenty to do on the frontier. Selections include the chance to get your own Wanted poster painted by artist Omer Gal, experimental Japanese movement genre butoh done with a Texas twist, line dancing, a hog-tying contest, theatrical happenings, ghostly songs, wandering Western characters, and surely much else. If you have the gall to come in a Western-themed costume (god forbid nobody mistake you for a lost Republican on the way there), you’ll be greeted with a free shot of tequila or whiskey. As the cow/boy creature on the poster proclaims so proudly, “Be a REAL cowboy like me!” Darn tootin’.

(Flyer by Jesse Jae Hoon Eisenberg)

(Flyer by Jesse Jae Hoon Eisenberg)

Am I Write, Ladies?: 2nd Birthday Bash
Thursday August 25, 8:30 pm at The Glove; $7-10 sliding scale.
Ha ha, this is the show I curate. It is a bunch of cool and weird performance and art by women and gender non-conforming artists. I have been doing it weirdly also for two years, like the fine folks below me. We are having a big fun show to celebrate and there will be cake and nice things to look at. I’m going to stop here because this is all the self-promotion my conscience can tolerate.

(flyer via SalON! / Facebook)

(flyer via SalON! / Facebook)

SalON!: We Have Been Doing This Every Month For Two Years
Friday August 26, 8 pm at Cloud City; $7-10 sliding scale.
Believe it or not, some things in the city can hang around for more than a brief flash. In this case, it’s experimental performance company Title:Point and their monthly salons (or, SalON!s, which I hope everyone says with that exact emphasis every time). This group of merry oddballs has proved resilient, moving from a small space in the Silent Barn to their mainstage and then to The Basement Bar, a spot below a loft hostel that (surprise!) doesn’t seem to be sticking around for much longer. Just like the moon (not being poetic; there is a glowy large moon sculpture in the Basement Bar) waxes and wanes but never truly leaves, the Title:Point curators and the artists they round up seem to not be going anywhere. Anywhere but the clouds, perhaps? For their two-year celebration they’re unleashing their magic (which they’ve got a lot of) at Williamsburg’s Cloud City, in the form of mind-bending lectures, photos, stories, music, dance, video, and more.

(image via Emily Oliveira / Facebook)

(image via Emily Oliveira / Facebook)

Do You Ever Long For True Love From Me
Saturday August 27, 2 pm and 8 pm at Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall (also on Friday August 26 at 8 pm); $11.
I recently saw performance artist Emily Oliveira do a piece at a delightful comedy/etc show in the back of the Silent Barn called Sloop Jumbly, hosted by Tim Platt, Lorelei Ramirez, and Peter Mills Weiss. In it, she showed an in-depth Powerpoint presentation analyzing and naming the archetypes of people she’s attracted to, one of which is a particular brand of white boy that could be summed up best in one being: Buddy Holly. This weekend, she takes this attraction to a new level in her new performance piece with music Do You Ever Long For True Love From Me, described as a “sexy trash opera in which I summon the immortal soul of Buddy Holly in the body of an audience member and then make them be my boyfriend no big deal.” It’s also called a “junk séance.” And what better place for a séance than a church?

(Flyer via Matt Strickland / Facebook)

(Flyer via Matt Strickland / Facebook)

New Bits
Sunday August 28, 7 pm at Muchmore’s.
This show is pretty straightforward, and yet there’s so much possibility. These possibilities arrive in the form of “bits,” bite-sized chunks of comedy served sweet or savory or anywhere in between. If you’re ever bored by stand-up, think full-fledged sketch comedy is too much commitment, or get too stressed out by the spontaneity of improv, this could be perfect for you. You could see bits with bananas, bits with bears, bits with blood, 8-bit music, someone’s bits… Which is a terrible slang term for genitalia, by the way. I hope they skip that one. I have no idea what this fine roster of comedians is actually going to show you, but they’re new!