(Photo: Courtesy of Alt Citizen)

(Photo: Courtesy of Alt Citizen)

Alt Citizen, the Brooklyn-based music and arts blog-cum-zine, found permanence last year with the opening of their storefront and gallery Alt Space, a “very well-curated concept store,” as editor-in-chief and founder Nasa Hadizadeh told us last year, with sundry items such as zines, clothing, vinyl, tapes, art prints, and posters available for gawking and purchasing.

But when Nasa realized that a month’s worth rent at the brick-and-mortar could buy her a baby blue short bus and a road trip across the country, the Alt crew took off for greener, less wintery pastures. Now it seems Nasa’s got the travel itch again. The Alt kids are back on the move with “Sweet Like Honey,” a mini music and gallery tour which kicks off at IDIO Gallery in New York before moving on to LA.

Next Tuesday August 9, starting at 7 pm, the Williamsburg-based Idio Gallery will be the venue of choice for a lineup that features twangy chanteuse Breanna Barbara and the super chill solo effort of Brian Chillemi (Junk Boys), aptly named Chillemi (he’ll simultaneously be releasing his new EP, I Went To Town). Piper Durado (of Puro Instinct) will be doing a DJ set and Montana Simone, the owner of IDIO gallery who’s got a thing for dreamy, acoustic-guitar-backed duets, will also be performing. (Simone launched a crowdfunding campaign last month to keep the gallery afloat.)

Alt Citizen’s known for bringing together different mediums at their events, and so artist Miza Coplin, whose solo show is ongoing upstairs at Idio, will contribute visual elements. You may remember Coplin’s work from last year’s show at Alt Space, Girls at Night on the Internet which brought together young women artists working in a variety of media, from netty overshare video art to a digitally-rendered tapestry homage to Drake. She’s known for her graphic, thick-lined illustrations of hallucinatory dreamworld scenes imbued with occult imagery and allusions to horror movies. Coplin has an equal fascination with the banal, which she injects with a sort of cracked-out humor and darkness-reigns badittude.

The whole thing is sponsored by PBR– because, of course it is– and $5 gets you in the door. And if you just so happen to be in LA the week after, you’ll know in advance where the fun’s at.


“Sweet Like Honey,” August 9 from 7pm-12am. IDIO Gallery, Studio D at 976 Grand St at Morgan Avenue, East Williamsburg. $5.