Last time we caught up with Catherine Cohen, a regular at the Upright Citizens Brigade, she was gearing up for an “Evening of You” comedy night in a Greenpoint church. Dreamed up with her frequent collaborator Lucy Cottrell, the variety show/spiritual ceremony/self-help expert caricature had her dressing up in a robe with a headset, making super deep pronouncements like, “If you think about it…you…are your only you.”

But, like any improvista worth her salt, Cohen loves to try on new characters. She just dropped a new spoof music video, featuring herself as a beanie-wearing wannabe on the hunt for more exposure. For all of you who feel inundated with friends posting their latest Bernie screed on Facebook or swelling your feed with new “YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW” shareable issues via Mic, it’s the hipster millennial anthem you’ve been waiting for.

Called “Be Aware of Me,” the song skewers low-commitment “awareness campaigns” via a hapless artiste with a Miley Cyrus tongue thing going on. Our heroine intersperses general pronouncements about genocide, climate change and abortion rights in between updating her Instagram and plugging for her next big thing– be it her new EP, her Etsy shop for small pencils, or her internship at VICE (it’s unpaid but bottled water only costs $1!). She exhorts her followers to read up on everything from AIDS to ISIS– “but most importantly–be aware of me!”

Check it out and blow off some social-media hating steam–you’re gonna need it this election cycle.